How To Make Dusty Rose Icing? Get Dusty with Delight

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Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Welcome to the world of confectionery and cake decoration! Nice to see you here! Today, we will delve into the fascinating world of making the perfect dusty rose icing. This delicate shade of pink has become increasingly popular for its elegant and sophisticated appearance and has an incredible ability to add a touch of femininity to any cake or dessert.

Therefore, stay with us to get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn how to make dusty rose icing.

Discover the Charm of Dusty Icing: The Latest Trend in Cake Decoration

Before we show you how to make dusty rose icing, it might be a smart idea to introduce you to the main actor of the story, right? So let’s take it one step at a time.

Dusty Icing, also known as powder or “naked” cake, is a type of cake decoration that is becoming increasingly popular among cake enthusiasts. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because this style is distinguished by a minimalist and rustic appearance, with a little dusting of powdered sugar or cocoa powder sprinkled over the cake’s surface.

If you are wondering why it is one of the most popular types of cake decorating in the world, the answer is more than simple. The thing is that its key characteristic is that it is not overly sweet and doesn’t overpower the natural flavors of the cake. This is the most perfect possible option for all those cake lovers who simply love the taste of cake but prefer not to have a heavy layer of frosting. – Hence the popularity. In addition, that dusty note provides texture to the cake’s surface, producing an eye-catching aesthetic aspect.

Another reason why people love dusty icing is that it is very easy to create. When compared to other types of frosting which are known to require quite a large amount of time and effort and energy to spread evenly, dusty icing can be applied quickly and effortlessly.

Finally, we mustn’t forget to mention that it is a more than versatile frosting, which can be customized to meet the event’s theme and aesthetic. A light, airy amount of dusting of cocoa powder, for example, might give the cake a dark and rich appearance, whilst, on the other hand, a sprinkle of powdered sugar can create a delicate and sophisticated look. So, why shouldn’t we all have something so straightforward and yet effective in our lives?

Now that you are familiar with this simple, elegant, and delicious way to decorate a cake, let’s explain how to make dusty rose icing. Trust us when we say that its minimalist and rustic style, easy application, and versatility will not leave you indifferent.

how to make dusty rose icing

Embark On A Sweet and Chic Decorating Adventure

Dusty Rose Icing is a lovely and popular color for cake decoration, ideal for a variety of occasions such as weddings, baby showers, and birthdays. The color is a subtle and delicate pink and brown combination that produces a one-of-a-kind and charming appearance. Here’s how to make dusty rose icing for your next kitchen sweet project.


  • Buttercream frosting
  • Gel food coloring (in pink and brown)
  • Powdered sugar
  • Milk or heavy cream
  • A piping bag or a spatula

Step By Step Guide On How to Make Dusty Rose Icing

Step No. 1: Make the Buttercream Frosting

As you can guess, the first thing you need to make is the buttercream frosting. You can use one of your favorite recipes or search through our website; none of them will disappoint you. In any case, whichever recipe you choose, the making process should look like this (with slight oscillations): mix together unsalted butter and powdered sugar until smooth, then pour in milk or heavy cream and whip until the frosting is the consistency you want.

Step No. 2: Add the Food Coloring

For all those who wonder how to make dusty rose icing, or in other words, how to achieve the perfect shade, here is the easiest method.

Simply, divide the frosting into two separate bowls, and then add pink food coloring to one bowl and brown food coloring to the other. After that, all you have to do is mix each bowl until the desired shade is achieved.

Step No. 3: Combine & Make the Magic

In a nutshell, this part is very simple. So, to create the Dusty Rose color, combine equal amounts of pink and brown icing until well blended. You may perform this by using a spatula or by combining the two bowls of frosting into one bigger bowl and mixing with an electric mixer. Can it get any simpler than this?

Step No. 4: Modify the Color

If required, feel free to adjust the color by adding an extra amount of pink or brown frosting to the mixture until your ideal shades of dusty rose are achieved.

Step No. 5: Transfer to a Piping Bag

Once you are satisfied with the color, pour the frosting into a piping bag. Don’t panic if you don’t have a piping bag handy, we’ve got you covered. You may spread the frosting on the cake with a spatula, it will do just as good a job.

Step No. 6: Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Now it’s all up to you. Decorate the cake as desired with your Dusty Rose icing. You may make swirls, rosettes, or any other pattern you like, anything you can think of. You know what they say, the sky is the limit!

Step No. 7: Dust with powdered sugar

If preferred, finish the cake with a little sprinkling of powdered sugar. This will create a delicate texture while also bringing out the color of the Dusty Rose icing.

What Colors Make Blush Pink Frosting?

For all those who wonder how to get some specific shades of dusty rose like blush pink, we have a treat of just a few steps. It can be made by mixing red and white food coloring.

Furthermore, what we must emphasize is that exact proportions will vary depending on the desired shade of blush pink, but a common ratio is 1 drop of red food coloring for every 4 drops of white food coloring.

We will show you how to accomplish it without troubling yourself. The best thing you can do is take it one step at a time. Start by adding a small amount of red food coloring and gradually add more until you reach the desired hue. It’s crucial to note that food coloring may be concentrated, so don’t overdo it, but instead add moderate amounts until you achieve the desired hue.

How Do You Make Blush Pink Icing?

A: To make blush pink icing, you will need to use a light pink gel color and a dark pink gel color. The light pink gel color is usually made with water, food coloring, and glycerin. The dark pink gel color is usually made with corn syrup or sugar. You can also add in some red dye if you want your icing to be more vibrant.

What Colors Make Coral Pink?

A: Coral is a type of marine animal that is found in the ocean. It has a pink color because it contains tiny, microscopic algae called zooxanthellae. The coral polyps (the animals inside) absorb nutrients from the water and give off oxygen as a waste product.

How Do You Make Light Pink Frosting?

A: You would need to mix together a few drops of red food coloring and a few drops of blue food coloring. Then, you would need to add in some white frosting and stir it until the color is evenly distributed.

What Does Dusty Color Mean?

A: Dusty colors are the result of a lack of light. They are usually seen on objects that have been sitting in a dark place for a long time, and they can also be seen in some cases as the result of aging.

Dusty pink icing is a great way to make cakes look like they have been around for years. It’s not too hard to achieve this with the right tools and ingredients. Watch this video:

That’s it, now you know how to make dusty rose icing without any hassle. Have questions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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