How To Bake A Cake Evenly

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Last Updated on February 7, 2021

Do you want to know how to bake a cake evenly? Well, the good news is that it is easy to do, and you no longer need to trim cakes again. Cake strips are the best solution for making an even and flat cake because it insulates and cools the outside of the cake pan with a little water.

Likewise, you can create fabric versions if you are crafty. However, if you are behind schedule, you can purchase the cake strips instead in numerous craft stores near you with various cake decorating supplies.

How to Bake a Cake Evenly?

First and foremost, grab a clean towel and slice it into strips around two inches wide. With that, take two strips. Then, soak them in cold water. Afterward, wring the strips out; however, keep them damp as possible. After that, wrap them around the cake pan. In addition to that, you can utilize safety pins to keep them in place. Then, bake like you always do.

Moreover, you can make your very own test strip with paper towel strips. Considering this, you have to wet the paper towel strips and wrap them in aluminum foil. After that, wrap the foil-covered paper towel strips around the cake pans, then bake as always. 

Baking Cake Evenly

Furthermore, you can add baking time and reduce the baking temperature by ten degrees. As a result, it will provide a more even rise for the cake. It is similar to when baking a pumpkin pie; you need to go slow and low to attain an untracked surface.

Check out these baking tips:

Tips When Using Cake Strips to Bake a Flat Cake

Usually, the baking time is slightly increased whenever you use cake strips since the water delays the baking. Because of this, the cake is generally finished when the edges will draw back from the cake pan, and the center of the cake springs back when touched. That is why monitor the cake layers until the end of the baking process.

Additionally, do not forget to move the cake pans around your conventional oven halfway through the baking process. Only do this if there are hot spots. Also, make sure to weigh every cake pan after the cake batter has been poured. With that, move the batter around a bit between the cake pans until they weigh approximately the same.

Also, please take off the cake strips immediately after you can carefully handle them. Then, remove the cake from its pan. Keep in mind that it will cool down fast. After that, stack it and add your preferred frosting.

Nordic Ware Aluminum 8″ x 8″ Square Cake Pan

Use Tea Towel Method after You Bake the Cake Evenly

Generally, ensure that the tea towels are entirely dampened. In addition to that, please do not use them at oven temperatures over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. To avoid burning or browning, you can wrap them in tin foil. 

Begin by getting a clean tea towel. Then, gently press down on any domes. Only do this method when there are tiny domes, and if it just came out straight of the oven. Also, be extra cautious since the cake pans will be hot. In addition to that, there will be steam going out as you press down. 

How to Frost a Cake Smoothly?

When frosting the cake, make sure to utilize a flat spreader to make the top of it smooth and appealing. Afterward, add the frostings to the sides of the cake. With that, ensure that you cover the whole cake with no gaps. Then, using the flat side of a butter knife or a big spatula, run around the cake’s sides to flatten the frosting. As a result, the cake will be even and ready to decorate.

Tips When Decorating the Cake

If a piping bag is unavailable, you can use a zip lock bag to put the colored frosting. Moreover, you can write the messages on wax paper and store them in the fridge to harden. By the time it firms up, you can take it off the wax paper then put it on the top layer of the cake.

Before frosting the cake, apply a crumb coat because it is the frosting’s primary and light coat. Doing this suspends and seals any crumbs. With that, you will not see any crumbs in the frosting when you apply the last coating.

Use a decorating comb, cake scraper, or cake smoother for a sharper finish. Essentially, it is a flat piece of metal with one serrated edge and one flat edge. For this reason, run the edges along the sides of the cake to make it smoother. Likewise, do it at the same while rotating it in the opposite direction.

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