How Long Does A Pineapple Last?

Last Updated on August 7, 2022

How long does a pineapple last? Before anything else, know that the pineapples’ shelf life relies on when the farmers harvested them. In addition to that, on how you store them.

For the most part, pineapples are undoubtedly a famous fruit. The main reason is that they have a fresh sweet taste. Plus, they are high in vitamin content. Moreover, fresh pineapples have Bromelain. Bear in mind that it is an enzyme-containing anti-inflammatory property. In that regard, it begs the question, how long are pineapples good for at home?

How Long Does A Pineapple Last?

First and foremost, the fresh pineapples’ shelf life, when properly stored, would be about two to three days. Also, consider that it is past their picked or purchased date.

If you cut the pineapples into tiny pieces, be sure to store them in an airtight container in the fridge. Doing so will lengthen the pineapple’s shelf life.

Furthermore, you may as well freeze the cut pineapples. Do so for a long-term storage option. In addition to that, make sure to put the cut pineapples in a Ziploc freezer bag. Keep in mind that there are indeed benefits to proper food storage. These include cutting food costs and, most importantly, helping the environment by preventing waste.

How long does fresh pineapple last in the fridge?

Remember, it is always best to store fresh pineapples in the fridge. In so doing, it will last for four to five days if it is whole. In contrast, it will last for approximately three to four days in the refrigerator; keep in mind that you have cut them into tiny pieces.

Nonetheless, if not stored appropriately, all foods will have a shorter shelf life. Besides, like many other fresh fruits, pineapples do not have the best before or use-by date. So with that, it is a must to utilize the date picked or the date purchased.

Freezing the pineapples

If you plan to purchase a batch of pineapples on sale to freeze them, it is best to prepare. To do so, you have to tackle the task within one to two days. Remember that you can only extend the freshness for three to five days. You can do so by putting your pineapples into perforated plastic bags. Then, you can store them in the fridge in the meantime. Besides, it is best to freeze the pineapples immediately after purchasing them.

Generally, you are free to cut your pineapple into whatever slices or size chunks you prefer. Afterward, put the pineapple pieces on your baking tray. Also, know that pineapple is juicy. That is why it would be best to line the tray with wax or parchment paper first. Likewise, you may as well utilize cling wrap. Doing this will help you in removing the frozen pineapple pieces effortlessly.

After that, make sure to put the tray into the freezer. In so doing, it will quick-freeze the pineapple pieces. Then, pack the pineapple pieces into freezer containers or bags. 

Afterward, as much as possible, ensure to remove all the air from the freezer bags. With that, you may use a vacuum sealer. Likewise, a straw will indeed work. Also, you can fit approximately half a pineapple into a quart-size freezer bag. Bear in mind that it applies if you slice the pineapple into pieces about the size of canned pineapple chunks.

Regarding freezing the pineapples, be sure to pre-freeze the pineapples first. Bear in mind that the goal is to be able to thaw effortlessly. In that regard, make sure to thaw only a tiny number of pineapple pieces instead of the whole container.

how long are pineapples good for

Facts About Pineapples

In most cases, one must pick pineapples when they are ripe. Because of that, it would help if you do not let it continue to ripe, especially after harvest. That is why it is essential to know when and how to pick the fruit.

In that regard, you should select the fresh-looking one which is golden brown. Also, it does not matter whether the pineapple’s leaves fall off easily. And, usually, the biggest ones will have the most meat. In addition to that, it is undoubtedly a tell-tale sign if you smell an aroma of sweetness.

At the same time, you should prevent yourself from buying pineapples that look old. Not only that but also bruised, have browned leaves and soft spot. And worst of all, overly dry and exceedingly green in color.

Tips And Tricks: How Long Do Pineapples Last?

It is crucial to practice food safety techniques and proper hygiene for the most part. Doing so will surely avoid foodborne illnesses. Because of this, you must learn how to tell if pineapples are rotten. With this, the typical characteristics of rotten pineapples comprise brown leaves on the crown. Also, it will have a soft wet bottom. In addition to that, the rest of the body will dry out. As a result, it will appear pretty much brown and old.

Furthermore, the sweet aroma will eventually disappear. The reason being is that the fruit will start to ferment. Besides that, it will have a more pungent sour smell; it is somewhat similar to the smell of vinegar. Plus, the pineapple will turn a darker gold color, become softer, and most of all, it will not taste right.

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In most cases, the deterioration processes will speed up if your pineapple has several quality problems. That is why you should never wait till tomorrow to use the pineapple. And because of that, make sure to throw them away immediately. So, always remember that there are health risks in eating spoiled foods. For this reason, it would be best to consume your foods before they ultimately expire.

Moreover, remember that you can easily bruise a pineapple regardless of how tough it appears. So, it would help if you never put anything on top of it. Occasionally, you might purchase pineapples without a top part, and that is nothing to concern oneself. The reason is that growers sometimes cut out the crown; they do so right after harvesting. By doing that, they will plant it for the next batch to grow.

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