How Long Can Bread Last In The Fridge

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Last Updated on April 9, 2022

It is always best to have bread in your refrigerator. But you might ask yourself, how long can bread last in the fridge?

Likewise, if you still have an extra loaf of bread that you have not eaten yet in several days. You might want to know how to tell if bread is still good?

Sad to say that bread has an undoubtedly short life. The main reason is that it is prone to mold development. Regardless of whether it is still safe for consumption, it may be stale already. 

How Long Can Bread Last In The Fridge?

In general, how long your loaf of bread lasts on the kitchen counter, in the fridge, or freezer before it eventually becomes stale or gets moldy depends on the kind of bread you have at home. 

Besides, most loaves of bread will last for about a week at room temperature. At the same time, it takes about three to five days longer in your refrigerator. 

Although, you have to remember that refrigeration can undoubtedly make your bread go stale. Nevertheless, it is okay to turn your stale bread into bread pudding and breadcrumbs.  

How long is bread good for after the sell by date

Factors that affect the shelf life of bread 

Humid and dry climate 

There is a high chance that your bread is at risk of becoming moldy if you live in a humid climate. At the same time, your bread is much more likely to become stale if you live in a dry environment.

Kind of bread 

It is undeniable that particular kinds of bread have longer shelf lives; these include sourdough bread and loaves made with preservatives. 

The sourdough’s lactic acid bacteria delay the staling process in most cases. In addition to that, the sourdough’s acidity stops mold growth; bear in mind that seeded bread and dense rye loaves of bread have longer shelf lives. 


Most of the time, the method you use to store bread can significantly impact its shelf life. For instance, wrapping your bread in a cotton cloth or paper bag can indeed keep it fresh.  

How do you make bread last longer

How To Tell If Bread Has Spoiled? 

First and foremost, does bread go bad in the fridge? Yes, it will spoil. Regardless of the cold temperature, there is no denying that it will undoubtedly expire due to microbial growth as time goes by. 

Moreover, how long is bread good for after the sell-by date? Most of the time, your bread is only good for approximately three to five days after the sell-by date. However, you can still eat it despite its sell-by date if and only you see no signs of any mold growth. 

Also, how can you tell if bread is still good? With regards to stale bread, it is tough and dry. But, it is not bad since it does not make you sick in particular. And because of that, it is safe for consumption. However, it is not satisfying to eat. 

In most cases, you can observe visible signs like molds and even blue, green, black, and white spots that indicate expired bread. And for that reason, it is best to throw it away. 

Besides that, be sure to discard any store-bought bread that smells like yeast, alcohol, or vinegar. In other words, if you cannot see any signs of spoilage, but it does not smell good, do not hesitate to get rid of it immediately. 

Nonetheless, if your bread smells and appears fine, it is safe to consume; you can confirm it by eating a little piece. And if it tastes sour, throw it away. 

How To Store Bread Properly? 

Since you already know how long can bread last in the fridge, including how to tell if bread is still good. It is time to answer the question, how do you make bread last longer?

But, before anything else, it would be best to know that storing bread in your refrigerator is only a second option; keep in mind that the cold temperature tends to dry out your bread, and as a consequence, it will become stale quicker. However, it is only possible if you do not seal your bread tightly. 

On the other hand, if you store it in the original plastic packaging, likewise freezer bag, it will remain moist. In addition to that, a similar thing applies to other baked goods.  

Another option is to store it at room temperature. In that regard, it does not need extra layers of protection; just as long as when you open the package, you have to be sure that you keep it appropriately sealed at all times. 

Please note that you can utilize a brown bag when storing your bread in the pantry; keep in mind that it applies to freshly baked bread with no packaging. With this, be sure to place the loaf in a brown bag. After that, you can fold the bag’s top. Then, make sure to secure it with paper clips to seal. 

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Tips And Tricks

One of the best tips for stale bread is heating it in your conventional oven or toaster maker; there is no denying that it helps it taste even better after the heat treatment. In addition to that, it is okay to use stale bread to create croutons.

Also, it is best you know that your bread goes stale because its starches begin degrading. And for that reason, wrapping the bread properly before you store it on the kitchen counter or fridge is crucial. 

Remember, when wrapping your bread, it is never right to use the original bag. So with this, you have to ensure that you transfer the bread to a breadbox. Not only that but also, you can store it in a plastic storage bag; bear in mind that your main goal is to protect the bread from any air and moisture. The reason is that it undoubtedly increases the risk of mold development. 

Moreover, when freezing the bread, you must consider that other foods can smash your bread in the freezer before it even freezes. That is why it would help to transfer it into a plastic container. Doing so will indeed provide extra protection. 


Does Bread Go Bad In The fridge?

Of course, it will go bad despite the cold temperature. In addition to that, it is likely to go stale in your refrigerator, especially if you did not seal it tightly.  

How Can You Tell If Bread Is Still Good?

It is still good if there are no signs of any molds. Likewise, you cannot see any green, white, blue, or black spots on your bread. Not only that, but also, it is still good if it does not smell like vinegar, alcohol, or yeast. 

How Long Is Bread Good For After The Sell By Date?

Bread is usually good for about three to five days after the sell by date. Though, it is still safe for consumption if you observe no signs of microbial growth.  

How Do You Make Bread Last Longer?

You may use a brown bag, and make sure to fold the bag's top. With this, make sure to secure it with paper clips to seal it properly. Nonetheless, it is necessary not to leave it unopened in its original packaging. Since if you do leave it open, it will go stale fast in your refrigerator. 

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