How Long Are Cupcakes Good For

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Last Updated on March 24, 2022

Have you ever bought or baked a bunch of cupcakes, and you are not sure how long are cupcakes good for? If so, know that cupcakes retain their quality for about two days to a week, depending on the variety.

For instance, frosted cupcakes and cupcakes with filling keep their best quality for about two to four days. At the same time, unfrosted or plain cupcakes can last about a week on the counter. 

So, if you want your cupcakes to last much longer, you can extend their freshness by putting them inside your refrigerator; keep in mind that cupcakes’ longevity and freshness can vary from the type of cupcake you have. 

But, if you are pretty unsure what kind of cupcake you have, consuming your cupcakes within two days is best to enjoy your cupcake’s freshness. 

How Long Are Cupcakes Good For?

Cupcakes in the refrigerator 

How long are cupcakes good for in the fridge? Before anything else, everybody enjoys eating cupcakes, but not everyone knows how long it keeps fresh. 

Moreover, you do not need to store your cupcakes inside the refrigerator. However, if you have frosted and filled cupcakes that contain eggs or dairy, then refrigeration is recommended. Remember, cupcakes that fall under that category can go bad faster at room temperature. 

Also, the concern of many people about refrigeration is that the refrigerator tends to dry out their baked goods faster than room temperature, but that is not always the case. 

In that regard, the suggested solution is to store the frosting and cupcakes separately. But, the only problem is that it will require more time when you are about to serve them, and if you have store-bought frosted cupcakes, you can ruin them. 

how long are cupcakes good for on the counter

Furthermore, you can store frosted and unfrosted cupcakes inside the refrigerator for seven days. Besides, bakery cupcakes can last inside the fridge for about two to four days. 

At the same time, cupcakes with fresh fruit and whipped cream can last one to two days inside the fridge. With that, the cupcakes with cream cheese are good for two to three days inside the refrigerator, and your homemade cupcakes can last about two to four days. 

Nonetheless, your cupcakes will be safe to eat, and if you are concerned that they may dry out, you can always place them inside an airtight container and wrap your container in a layer of plastic cling wrap or aluminum foil to stop the air from escaping. 

Cupcakes on the counter

How long are cupcakes good for on the counter? Please note that cupcakes can keep their freshness up to a week varying from the type of cupcake you have. 

To make sure, you can check on your recipe’s author or the bakery suggested. Likewise, most cupcakes are okay when sitting on the counter and can last up to three days, but they must be stored correctly. That is why using an airtight container is best. 

Also, plain unfrosted cupcakes can be good for up to a week over the counter. And, if you have cupcakes with filling or frosting that has dairy or eggs, you cannot leave them on the counter. 

how long are cupcakes good for sitting out

Plus, frosting with milk, butter, cream cheese, and eggs tends to go bad quickly. If you have cupcakes with frosting, be sure to store them inside the refrigerator. 

Not only that but also, cupcakes with a fruit filling and room-temped safe frosting can last over the counter for about two to four days. So, to maximize the shelf life of your cupcakes, place them inside an airtight container. After that, cover them with plastic cling wrap or foil to prevent them from drying out. Remember that proper storage of your cupcakes will help with the longevity of your cupcakes. 

How Long Can I Sit Out Cupcakes? 

How long are cupcakes good for sitting out? In most cases, cupcakes are the best when craving something sweet. In this regard, the best way to store your cupcakes is to keep them without frosting. The reason is that unfrosted cupcakes can last longer than frosted ones; they can last about one to two days. 

Furthermore, placing your cupcakes inside an airtight container can regulate the cupcake’s temperature and prevents harmful bacteria from contaminating your cupcakes. 

Additionally, butter-based cupcakes can be left sitting on the counter or at room temperature for up to three days. Besides, proper storage of cupcakes must be considered at all times, as cupcakes with cream frosting, buttercream, and whipped cream should be stored inside the refrigerator and not be left sitting out on the counter. 

Unfortunately, the raw ingredients in the frosting of your cupcakes are an oasis for bacteria that could help lead to food poisoning. So with that, make sure to consume your cupcakes within three days. Afterward, make sure to throw the leftovers. 

Also, store-bought cupcakes typically last longer inside the refrigerator. In addition to that, they can sit out because they contain artificial ingredients or preservatives; bear in mind that the preservatives in the cupcakes help them last longer, retain their freshness, and keep the flavor longer. 

Also, cupcakes made with boxed cupcake mix have the same preservatives as the store-bought ones. Likewise, cupcakes from bakeries and homemade ones have a shorter shelf life because of the utility of fresh ingredients. 

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How Long Can Homemade Cupcakes Last? 

For the most part, how long are homemade cupcakes good for? In general, keeping your homemade cupcakes fresh after you bake them may be a dream because cupcakes do not last long. However, with proper storage, you can prolong the freshness and flavor of your homemade cupcakes.

Also, it would be best if you consumed your cupcakes within a day after baking to get the best flavor, but cupcakes can last up to two days. Likewise, you can extend their shelf-life if you want to by placing them inside the refrigerator or freezer. 

Most of the time, homemade buttercream frosted cupcakes are good for up to two days and fine at room temperature, assuming that the temperature is not too warm. Besides, homemade cupcakes with cream cheese frosting must be refrigerated if kept for two days. 

In that regard, to store your cupcakes, place them in an airtight container to prevent contamination and dryness. If the weather is too hot, you can put your homemade cupcakes inside the container and into the refrigerator. 

Also, freshly baked homemade cupcakes last for a week when appropriately kept inside the refrigerator. With that, cover your cooled homemade cupcakes with foil or plastic wrap. 

Plus, you can freeze your homemade cupcakes. Then, wrap your unfrosted cupcakes tightly with aluminum foil or plastic freezer wrap, or you can place them in a heavy-duty freezer bag.

Finally, homemade cupcakes can maintain their best quality for about four to six months when stored properly. Not only that but also, stored beyond that period is still safe to consume. 


How Long Are Cupcakes Good For In The Fridge?

Please note that if your cupcakes have whipped cream and fresh fruit, they can usually last for one to two days inside your refrigerator. At the same time, your cupcakes with cream cheese are only good for around two to three days inside your fridge. On the other hand, homemade cupcakes will last for approximately two to four days. 

How Long Are Cupcakes Good For On The Counter?

In most cases, your cupcakes can maintain their freshness for a week. Though, it differs from the kind of cupcake you have at home. So, you have to keep in mind that it is always best to store it in your airtight container. Because of that, it can last for approximately three days when you allow it to sit on the counter. 

How Long Are Cupcakes Good For Sitting Out?

Generally, the most effective approach to store your cupcakes is to keep them without frosting; bear in mind that unfrosted cupcakes can last longer than frosted ones since they can last for one to two days. In addition to that, it will take about three days for your butter-based cupcakes to last if you leave them sitting out.

How Long Are Homemade Cupcakes Good For?

Usually, your homemade buttercream frosted cupcakes can last for about two days at room temperature, considering that the temperature is not too hot. Not only that, but also, you should store your homemade cupcakes with cream cheese frosting in the fridge. In so doing, it will last for two days.  

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