Canning Peach Pie Filling

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022

If you are on this article, then it could mean one thing. You are curious about canning peach pie filling. Essentially, peach season is coming, or it is already happening. Also, if you love peaches and want to store them so they can last a bit longer, you should stick around. 

Most of the time, homemade canned peach pie filling in your pantry is a gift by itself as it can mean you can whip out a homemade dessert on short notice. 

Furthermore, homemade canned peach pie filling is great for cheesecake toppings, coffee cakes, tarts, muffins, cobblers, crumbles, and homemade pies. Besides, you can make big batches of canned peach pie filling to store for winter. 

Moreover, peach pie filling is delicious since it is possible to use every drop in a pie. In addition to that, you can preserve every peach flavor compared to canned peaches in syrup, where the flavors are mainly in the syrup.

Additionally, you can adjust the sugar and skip the lemon juice with homemade canned peach pie filling. The main reason is that it may not jellify properly. Likewise, it will not be acidic enough for canning, so it is best not to diverge from the safe-approved recipe. 

Canning Peach Pie Filling

In most cases, canned pie filling is great to have in your pantry; however, the most asked question is how long does canned peach pie filling last? The correct answer to that question depends on the storage conditions to a large extent. 

Can you can pie filling with cornstarch

In that regard, if you want to maximize the shelf life of your peach pie filling, you need to store your canned peach pie filling in a cool and dry place. Remember, properly stored and unopened peach pie filling can last at best quality for about three years at room temperature. 

Plus, it will still be safe to consume after that; remember that the storage time indicated in the can shows the best time for your canned peach pie filling consumption. Also, please note that your peach pie filling may change its texture, color, and flavor after storage. Nonetheless, it will still be safe for consumption if stored correctly. 

Ideally, you want your peach pie filling to remain undamaged; in addition to that, there are no signs of spoilage. For the most part, you can distinguish if a peach pie filling is rotten and spoiled by how it smells and looks. 

With that, suppose you can observe that it has developed molds and it has an off smell, taste, and appearance, then that peach pie needs to be discarded; keep in mind that leaking packages, rusting, bulging, or heavily dented need to be thrown out as soon as possible as well. 

Canning pie filling without Clear Jel

First things first, can you can pie filling without clear jel? In general, many people frequently ask if it is possible to create their own canned pie filling without a clear jel. 

At times, it can indeed be frustrating for those who want their pie filling when the only starch recommended is Clear Jel; keep in mind that it is a chemically altered corn starch that creates excellent sauce consistency even after the fillings are baked and canned, as described by the National Center for Homemade Food Preservation. 

Compared to other starches, Clear Jel does not break down when used in pie fillings and does not create a runny sauce. However, it is not usually available in some local grocery stores as it is only available through a few supply outlets. The best option to acquire it is through the internet.

Also, the best solution for home canners is to make a canned pie filling without clear jel is with medium or heavy syrup. First, the fruits are prepped and then processed in medium or heavy syrup. And by the time you are ready to make your dessert, you have to thicken your home-canned filling after taking them out of the jar before using. 

Nonetheless, it may require another step. But, it is the best solution in making a canned pie filling without Clear Jel. 

Is it safe to use cornstarch in pie filling?

Can you can pie filling with cornstarch? People want to can a pie filling that can be used straight from the jar and into the pie. But it is not always possible as the recommended thickener called Clear Jel for pie filling is not always available. 

But you might ask why Clear Jel is the only recommended thickener. The answer is that not all starches work the same way. Clear Jel can be heated and cooled many times and maintain the same thickening strength. 

Cornstarch, on the other hand, when used to thicken pie filling, can create cloudiness inside the jar, and pie fillings made with cornstarch can fail to thicken when added to the pie when baking. 

Often, it can be tempting to experiment with cornstarch into your pie filling recipe. However, the National Center for Home Food Preservation is against it, and for a good reason. They said that you cannot can a pie filling using cornstarch because it is not safe to add cornstarch or any other thickening agents to any canning recipe as thickening agents slow the capability of heat to penetrate throughout the product. 

Also, they said that it is necessary to have evenly distributed heat, especially at a high temperature, to destroy mold, yeast, and bacteria. 

Peach pie is runny

Why is my peach pie runny? Peach pies are a classic yet wonderful dessert. Imagine a crispy but tender crust, a delicious filling that harmonizes to make that decadent treat. 

However, making a peach pie can not be as easy as it seems, as seasoned bakers can make mistakes. 

Can you can pie filling without clear jel

For the most part, a pie can have an excellent exterior, but until you cut into it, you can find that your pie’s filling is runny like water or a juicy mess that is supposedly thick and moist. 

There are two possible reasons why your peach pie is runny whenever that happens. The first reason is that your pie may not have the right enough time to cool down. When serving your peach pie, do it at a specific temperature that is just above room temperature. 

Also, if the peach filling is too hot, there is a certain chance that the filling has not had enough time to set. To avoid this, when you pull your pie from the oven, place it on the window sill and allow it to cool down for about three hours.

The second reason is that your pie might not have gotten hot enough inside the oven or did not have enough time to boil properly. In essence, pie-filling bubbles activate their natural gelatin in the peach and the thickeners you have added to your pie. That is why it is necessary to ensure that you see thick syrupy bubbles before taking out your pie. 


How Long Does Canned Peach Pie Filling Last?

Essentially, it relies on storage conditions. But, in most cases, you should know that well stored unopened peach pie filling can last for approximately three years at room temperature. 

Can You Can Pie Filling Without Clear Jel? 

The answer is yes! You can use heavy or medium syrup as an excellent alternative; all you necessarily have to do is prepare your fruits. After that, make sure to process it in heavy or medium syrup. 

Can You Can Pie Filling With Cornstarch?

The answer is no. The main reason is that it tends to make cloudiness inside the jar. In addition to that, pie fillings made with cornstarch usually fail to thicken when you add it to your pie whenever you bake. 

Why Is My Peach Pie Runny?

In general, the two reasons why your peach pie is runny. First, you did not allow your peach pie to cool down completely. Second, your pie may not have gotten sufficiently hot inside the oven. 

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