Can You Freeze Sugar Cookie Dough?

Last Updated on December 2, 2021

Looking for an easy and efficient method to bake cookies? You should try freezing it since you can freeze sugar cookie dough to save time. One of the most surprising foods that freeze well is cookie dough. They can be frozen, especially chunkier, hearty cookie dough. However, not all cookie doughs should be frozen. Avoid freezing cookie doughs decorated with frosting, coated in chocolate powdered sugar, and cookie types that are delicate like meringues and chocolate almond pizzelle.

Imagine waking up to freshly baked cookies paired with a warm glass of milk. Wouldn’t that be gratifying? However, if you are too busy to prepare the sweet treat. Why not learn to freeze cookie dough properly?

Things to Consider When You Freeze Sugar Cookie Dough

The best ones to freeze are thick and sturdy doughs like the drop, cutout, and icebox cookies. Nonetheless, if you are handling thin batter, it is best to go ahead and bake them off and freeze the cookies afterward. Also, sugar cookies and sliceable cookies can be frozen. Macarons that are delicate cookies will not hold up in the freezer well. Freezing them is a ton of work wasted. 

Things to Consider When You Freeze Sugar Cookie Dough

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Useful Tips when Freezing Sugar Cookies Dough 

Cookie dough balls must be arranged on a cookie sheet before putting them in the plastic bag when freezing them. Otherwise, they will transform into deformed cookie dough in the freezer. As a result, they will appear unpleasant despite retaining its delicious taste. If you want to freeze the cookie dough before baking them, you can form them into discs and wrap them tightly with cling wrap. Then, please put it in a sealed container before freezing.

If you bake from frozen, gently reheat the frozen dough in a 394°F oven for 10 to 15 minutes. Also, add a few more minutes, depending on how big they are. Likewise, the great thing about freezing cookie dough is that it can lengthen its shelf life for three months by the very least as long as you seal the cookies tightly in a plastic wrap, storage bags, or an airtight container. 

Things to Avoid When Freezing Cookie Dough

Do not freeze the cookie dough without identifying first what kind of dough it is. Slice-and-bake doughs and sugar cookie doughs should be covered in logs when frozen. Cutout doughs are formed into discs, wrapped in cling wrap, and stored in an airtight container or freezer bag. Drop cookie dough should be frozen in the shape of balls until it is firm and then placed in a freezer bag. For this reason, remember what type of cookie dough you are freezing and apply the best method. In addition to that, do not freeze the wrong kind of dough. 

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Also, drop cookie dough can be baked immediately from frozen. Whereas cutout dough, sugar cookie dough, and slice-and-bake dough require thawing out shortly on the counter so it can be rolled out and sliced. That is why add one to two minutes of baking time to the required time given for the recipe. Make sure that they do not overbake in the process. 

Do not thaw them in the containers you used to freeze them. It is because the condensation that forms during thawing could linger on the cookie doughs. As a result, it can make them soggy. It is best to take them off the freezer and on a paper towel-lined plate, then place the dough to thaw at room temperature. 

Tips for Thawing Cookie Dough

You can thaw the dough before baking, or you can bake it fresh from the freezer. You do not want to have soggy cookies, so be sure it does not happen to you by thawing frozen cookies at room temperature to avoid condensation buildup. When you are thawing them first, bake the dough for the time specified in your original cookie recipe. 

How Long Will Sugar Cookie Dough Last in the Freezer? 

Frozen raw sugar cookie dough can last up to nine to twelve months in the freezer. It will give you much time to use it before it spoils. As always, the sugar cookie dough will last longer if stored properly. So, it is ideal that you store it in a small airtight container in your freezer.

Also, it depends on when you want to bake it. Any sugar cookie dough left on the counter at room temperature will last for two to four hours. However, doing this will risk spoiling. So, storing it in the freezer is the most suitable place to extend the sugar cookie dough’s shelf life.

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