Can You Freeze Meringue Cookies?

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Last Updated on March 4, 2023

Can you freeze meringue cookies? Of course, you can freeze meringue cookies. Remember that it is the best choice to extend its shelf life. Also, know that meringue will remain safe for eating. Likewise, you can use it for approximately three months or more if you freeze it.

You should ensure that you cool the meringue cookies before you freeze them. With that, it should be down to room temperature. After that, make sure to put them in one layer at the freezer-safe container’s bottom.

Afterward, be sure to place a layer of parchment paper over the top. Then, proceed to layer the cookies. In so doing, please be careful not to press down. After that, make sure to lock your container correctly. Next, label it to tell when you stored it in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Meringue Cookies?

Yes, you can freeze meringue cookies for approximately ten months. To do so, freeze them on your baking tray. After that, move them to a freezer bag once they become solid. Do this for long-term storage. In general, there are three kinds of meringue. These include Swiss, Italian, and French.

Swiss meringue

Most of the time, Swiss meringues are denser and more delicate when compared to French meringues. At the same time, they have the same cooking process as Italian meringues. Likewise, they have similar freezing methods.

In that regard, you should cool and flash freeze. Do this, especially if you have made individual Swiss meringues. On the other hand, if you have created a sizeable Swiss meringue base, do not flash freeze. With that, make sure to wrap it tightly. Then, please put it in the freezer-safe bag and proceed to freeze it.

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Italian meringue

For the most part, Italian meringue is easier to freeze. That is why you spoon it. And you place it on top of tarts and lemon meringue pie. Afterward, you blowtorch to add color.

Preferably, you want to cool it to room temperature first. After that, spoon the mixture into bags. With that, make sure to seal it up when you have placed a portion of it into a bag. Remember, your goal is to remove as much air from the pack. Then, you can proceed to store it in the freezer.

Remember, be sure to defrost it gradually overnight. Afterward, you can use the meringue as you usually would. Another way is to freeze egg whites. Then, you create the meringue fresh.

French meringue

Bear in mind that French meringue is the most common among the type of meringue. It is chewy in the middle and crispy on the outside.

So, regarding freezing it, you must flash freeze before anything else. Afterward, put the meringues onto a clean baking tray. Then, make sure to cover with a layer of cling wrap. After that, store in the freezer.

Remember to check on the meringues if they have frozen solid outside. Ensure to take the tray out from the freezer if they have. Then, make sure to grab a container. In addition to that, be sure to line it with greaseproof paper. Also, you can add as many meringues to the container, considering they fit in one layer.

Afterward, make sure to cover the first layer of meringues with some greaseproof. Make sure to repeat as needed. Next, it is time to freeze it. But before doing so, make sure to keep layering them. Ensure to do so till you have all the French meringues in the container. Then, make sure to fit the lid tightly. And wrap the box in cling wrap. Doing this prevents other smells from getting into the French meringues. And finally, store it in the freezer.

Thawing meringue cookies

First and foremost, you should remove the sealed container from the freezer. Afterward, be sure to let the meringue cookies thaw on your counter for a few hours. Remember, you no longer need to soften the meringue cookies inside the fridge.

Moreover, you should never refreeze previously frozen meringue cookies. And if you are wondering if it is always a must to utilize a freezer-safe bag, the answer is no.

How to store meringue cookies?

Essentially, meringue is one of the desserts that does not spoil instantly. That is why it is okay to leave it on your counter. Besides that, it will stay fresh for consumption, considering you store it well. In contrast, you must put your sour almond cream in the refrigerator.

Also, meringues can last for around two weeks when stored at room temperature. Because of this, it is unnecessary to refrigerate your meringues. With that, be sure to use it within two weeks.

Moreover, you must store meringue cookies in a sealed container. Remember that it stops moisture from messing up the meringue’s soft texture. In addition to that, water will result in a soggy meringue.

Furthermore, please do not use ceramic containers. The main reason is that their porous structure allows air to get inside. Consequently, it will undoubtedly mess up the meringue cookies’ texture.

Additionally, ensure to have enough space on the lid’s top. Doing so avoids crushing the meringues. Also, it is okay to stack meringues if and only you have a tiny jar for storage. Bear in mind that meringue cookies are delicate. For that reason, even a small impact can crumble the meringue cookies’ shape.

Afterward, make sure to store the container in the coldest location of the kitchen. Not only that but also ensure that the place you put it is not under direct sunlight.

It would help to put parchment paper when stacking meringue. Besides that, you can place another parchment paper below the lid; in so doing, you will protect the meringue cookies’ top portion.

how to store meringue cookies

Tips and Tricks- Storing Meringue Cookies

It is necessary to protect the meringue cookies from air and moisture in the freezer.

As an alternative, you can freeze egg whites instead of meringue. Remember that you can conveniently mix up a new batch of meringues with this method.

Also, it is best if you were extra cautious because frozen meringues can become even more fragile. That is why when removing the meringue cookies from the freezer. Likewise, when you are about to thaw them, be sure to be exceedingly careful.

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