Using A Cake Stand With A Dome

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Last Updated on February 12, 2022

After you bake and decorate a cake, you will want to have a good place to store it to keep it fresh. Using a cake stand with a dome is a great way to store your cake. Not only will it keep your cake fresh, but many are also attractive looking as well, which is great for hosting.

If you don’t have one already, a cake stand is a good investment if you are an avid baker. You can also use it for other things besides cake as well. You can buy simple ones that are good for travel or decorative ones that are great for display.

Using A Cake Stand With A Dome

Generally, the best way to store a homemade cake is on a cake stand with a dome. The dome keeps the cake airtight, so it won’t go stale.

Most cake stands are made from plastic or glass and are clear, so you can see your cake. While most cake stands with domes are ideal for only home use, others can be used for transportation. These are often made from plastic, come in different colors, and include a dome that snaps to the stand for safe transport.

Decorating a cake on a cake stand

To save your steps the hassle of moving a decorated cake, you can decorate it on your cake stand. To prevent frosting from getting on the cake stand while decorating, cut out tiny squares of parchment paper and put them slightly under the cake. The parchment paper squares will cover the cake stand so excess frosting won’t get on the stand and you can easily pull them out when you are done decorating.

Before using your cake stand with a dome, make sure it is big enough for the cake you are using. You don’t want to squish your cake or any of the decorations on it by not having a big enough dome.

How long can you store a cake in a cake dome?

A homemade cake will last in a cake stand with a dome for around two to three days at room temperature. You can also store it in your fridge for up to one week. Though you can freeze cakes, it does not work well to freeze them in a dome.

Be sure to keep your cake away from direct sunlight when storing it at room temperature. For cakes that contain perishable ingredients such as cream cheese frosting, pastry filling, or fresh fruit, store them in the fridge at all times when not serving.

Other foods you can store in a cake stand with a dome

Though a cake stand with a dome is great for storing a cake, you can also use it to store other baked goods as well. You can use it to store cupcakes, brownies, cookies, muffins, pastries, bread, donuts, and bagels.

When not storing food in it, you can also use it to display decor. You can place fake flowers, unlit candles, a vintage tea set, a candy bowl, seashells, or seasonal decor.

what to put in a cake stand with dome lid for decor

Transporting A Cake

Traditional glass cake stands with domes are great for storing your cake at home, however, they are not ideal for transporting cakes. When transporting a cake, you want to make sure to do it in a box with a secure lid that is not breakable.

Ideal, when transporting a cake, place it in a cake carrier with a lid that snaps on. You can also use a cardboard cake box as well. When placing it in your car, have someone hold it or put it somewhere where it will be secure and won’t slide around.

What To Use If You Don’t Have A Cake Stand With A Dome

If you don’t have a cake stand with a matching dome top, there are other items you can use to store your cake. Keeping it is covered it important in order to keep it fresh and keep dust and pet hair off.

Depending on the size of your cake, you can use a large bowl to cover the top. Just be sure to use a bowl that is large enough and won’t touch the frosting on the cake.

Cake boxes are also great for storing cakes and you can find them at most crafts stores. You can also use a cardboard box that has been lined with parchment or wax paper on the bottom. In addition, if your cake doesn’t have any decorations, you can cover it in plastic wrap.

HBlife Acrylic Cake Stand Multifunctional Serving Platter and Cake Plate with Dome

Storing Your Beautifully Decorated Cake

A cake stand with a dome is a great way to store a cake to keep it fresh. You can even use it to store your other baked goods or even decorations when you are not using it for food.

Do you have any questions regarding using a cake stand with a dome? If so, please ask any questions on cake storage in the comment section.


What to Put in a Cake Stand With a Dome Lid for Decor?

Many glass cake stands with domes feature beautiful designs to make them more decorative. This makes them elegant pieces you can display in your home and are they are particularly great for storing beautifully decorated cakes.

What Size Cake Dome Goes With a 12-Inch Round Cake Stand?

If you have a 12-inch round cake stand, you will want a dome that is around 10-11 inches in width. It should have a height of at least six to eight inches to allow plenty of room for your cake.

What to Give as a Gift With a Cake Stand with a Dome?

If you are giving a cake stand with a dome as a gift, you can also gift cake decorating supplies, home decor or flowers with it. You can even gift a homemade cake with the stand.

What Can I Use for a Cake Dome?

If you don't have a traditional glass or plastic cake dome, you can also use a large bowl, large roasting pan or even a cardboard box. If your cake doesn't have any decorations you can cover it in plastic wrap.

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