Amazing Beauty and The Beast Cake

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Last Updated on August 10, 2022

Beauty and the Beast is a beloved Disney movie for many people. Whether for a child’s birthday party or a Disney-themed event, a Beauty and the Beast cake can make for a wonderful and festive dessert. Though you can order a Beauty and the Beast cake at a bakery, you can also make your own version at home.

Whether cupcakes, cake pops, Belle doll cake, or a layer cake, there are many delicious and beautiful Beauty and the Beast desserts you can make. They will amaze your guests and make any Disney fan happy. The desserts are different levels of difficulty depending on your baking skills.

Beauty And The Beast Cake Ideas

From Belle’s beautiful yellow dress to the lovely red rose, there are many different cake designs you can make inspired by this movie. They can make beautiful desserts to serve at parties or events. No matter your experience level, there are stunning Beauty and the Beast desserts you can make that any Disney fan will appreciate.

Even if you aren’t confident in your decorating skills, you can use cake toppers to make adorable cakes and cupcakes. This is also a great option if you are short on time.


When making Beauty and the Beast cupcakes, yellow frosting is a great way to begin. Use a star or specialty piping tip to create a beautiful swirl on top of your cupcake.

Then, you can decorate your cupcake with sugar pearls and top it with a fondant rose. If you don’t have the decorating skills to make your own, you can also use Wilton Red Sugar Roses which look beautiful atop your cupcakes. You can also use rose molds with red candy melts to create your topping.

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You can use any flavor of cupcake for your base, with chocolate, vanilla, yellow, and red velvet cake all being great options. You can also use any type of frosting and top your cupcakes with Beauty and the Beast cake toppers.

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Another great Beauty and the Beast cupcake idea is to make a ‘gray stuff’ cupcake. To do so, make a chocolate cupcake then top it with cookies and cream frosting and sugar pearls. Blending chocolate cookies in your vanilla buttercream will give it a gray appearance, just like the gray stuff from the movie.

Belle doll cake

For a little kid’s birthday, a Belle doll cake makes a wonderful dessert. Use your favorite cake recipe with a doll cake pan.

After baking, you can insert your Belle doll into the doll cake. Then, you can decorate the cake to look like Belle’s beautiful yellow ball gown. You can use different piping tips to achieve different textures on the dress. You can also add sugar pearls as well for an elegant touch.

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Cake pops

Cake pops make for a great dessert for any party and they can let your creative side run wild. You can opt for a simple design or go for something more complex.

For a simpler design, dip your cake pops in yellow candy melts. Then decorate the dipped cake pop with sugar pearls or white sprinkles and red sugar roses.

Another adorable option is to make rose cake pops. Dip your cake pops in red candy melts and then pipe reducing or candy melts on top to create a swirl then sprinkle it with red sprinkles or edible glitter.

For a more detailed cake pop, you can make the lovable Mrs. Potts. To start, dip your cake pop in white candy melts.  Then take a white licorice pastille and dip one end of it the candy melt and stick to your cake pop to create a spout.

Cut yellow candy necklace pieces in half and dip the ends in candy melts then stick it on your cake pop to create a handle. Take a purple candy melt and use the melted candy melts to attach a pink sprinkle to the top and then stick it to the top of your cake pop before it dries. Once dry, use edible ink pens to draw on Mrs. Pott’s face.

Layer or sheet cake

You can also make a traditional layer or sheet cake that is Beauty and the Beast-themed. For a Belle-inspired cake, decorate your cake with yellow frosting and use a wide-end piping tip to create ruffles like her dress. Then, decorate the cake with sugar pearls and red sugar roses or even use real roses for decoration.

For an extra elegant decoration for a round cake, you can place a glass dome with a rose in it on the center of your cake, just like the movie. If you are wanting a more intricate design, you can cover your cake with white fondant and then use food coloring to paint on your cake to make it look like stain glass.

A Beautiful Beauty And The Beast Cake

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most popular Disney movies and there are some great desserts you can make based off it. You can make cupcakes, cake pops, round cakes, layer cakes and even a Belle doll cake.

Do you have any questions regarding making a Beauty and the Beast cake? If so, please ask your Beauty and the Beast cake questions in the comment section below.


How to Make Beauty and The Beast Cake Pops?

To make Beauty and the Beast cake pops, dip your cake pops in yellow candy melts. Then, add white sprinkles or sugar pearls and place a red sugar rose on the center.

Where Can I Buy Beauty and The Beast Cake Decorations?

You can buy Beauty and the Beast cake decorations online. In addition, you can also find them at craft stores as well as some superstores.

How to Make Beauty and the Beast Cake Toppers?

You can make your own red roses out of fondant or you can use red candy melts with a rose mold. In addition, you can also place a rose in a cake dome to make it look like the one from the movie.

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