Pastry Flour Vs Cake Flour-Which One Is Better?

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Last Updated on October 29, 2020

Have you ever had trouble choosing between all the different types of flour? Pastry flour and cake flour, which one is better? Have you ever made disastrous cakes and pastries because you used the wrong flour? Well, you came to the right place because this article will settle which one is the better flour in baking.

If you are a passionate baker, you would know that they are the most common kinds of flour used in baking. However, what separates it apart from one another? Which flour works best for delicate and tender cakes? Which flour is better than the other? 

Is Pastry Flour the same as Cake Flour? What Makes them Different?

The usage of cake flour is for making ultra-light baked goods like chiffon cakes. Cake flour has higher protein content than pastry flour. It has sufficient protein to prevent the cake from becoming tough; it provides it with a bit of structure. On the other hand, pastry flour produces less gluten and has much less protein. Doughs made with pastry flour are flaky, tender and do not hold together as firmly. 

Is Pastry Flour the same as Cake Flour

Pastry Flour Vs Cake Flour- Which Flour Works Best for Delicate and Tender Cakes?

When baking delicate and tender cakes, you want it to be soft and light, with a fine and close crumb. And that is what cake flour does to baked goods like angel cakes and sponges. The ideal quality of lofty baked goods because it absorbs more liquid and rises higher. Cake flour has a fine consistency. It is the main reason why it absorbs plenty of water. As a result, the batter rises with the help of the extra water absorption. So this is the most suitable flour if you want to achieve a taller and fluffier cake with a soft and tender texture. 

Which Flour is Ideal for Making Pie Crusts and Pound Cakes?

Since pastry flour has less protein than all other types of flours, it makes pastries that are chewier, and it is commonly used in baking when baking powder is the leavening agent. There are a lot of tasty recipes you can make with this flour aside from pie crusts and pound cakes like pancakes and biscuits as well. However, avoid using it when the baked goods require structure, such as pasta and bread dough.   

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Which Flour is Better than the Other?

Both flours have different uses because they depend on what baked goods you are making in your desired texture. Also, they vary in structure, so if you are looking for soft, jiggly, and airy cakes, then I highly suggest you use cake flour. On the contrary, if you are baking pie crusts, muffins, and pound cakes, it is recommended that you use pastry flour. The main thing is flour relies on structure, so you should base them with regards to the sturdiness or softness of the baked goods you are making.

Please comment if you have any questions on which pastry flour and cake flour is better.

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