How to Make Money Selling Baked Goods From Home

How To Make Money Selling Baked Goods From Home

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Many people have turned to sell homemade desserts as a way to make some extra money. If you are a home baker looking to make some more cash, you will want to know how to make money selling baked goods from home.

Selling your baked goods from home is a great way to make some extra dough. However, if you plan to do it there are some things you should know ahead of time. People will pay good money for delicious homemade desserts, but it takes skill and dedication to become successful.

It has become a recent trend for home bakers to sell their signature treats. People love being to support small businesses while eating tasty desserts.

Tips on How to Make Money Selling Baked Goods from Home
How To Make Money Selling Baked Goo...
How To Make Money Selling Baked Goods From Home

1. Make a Plan

Before getting started on selling baked goods from home, make a plan on what you would do. Figure out what items you would bake, the expense of supplies, tax forms, how much you would charge, and any other expenses. Cupcakes, cakes, brownies, cookies, cheesecakes, hot chocolate bombs, and bread are some of the most popular baked goods people are in the market for.

Before selling, make sure you are prepared for the demands of baking as a way to make money. Be sure you have the room and equipment to keep up with your sales. Make sure you buy enough of all the ingredients you need and have boxes or containers to sell your desserts in.

To figure out how much to charge, try following the guidelines of adding up all your expenses and multiplying them by three. By charging three times the expense of your supplies, you cover all your expenses and are left with one-third profit.

Tips On How To Make Money Selling Baked Goods From Home - Make a Plan

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2. Check Your State’s Guidelines on Selling Food

Every state has different laws regarding selling baked goods from your home. These laws are called cottage food laws and vary by each state. You need to check your state’s law before selling any food to make sure you meet the guidelines.

Once you learn the laws, you can decide whether you will have your baked goods available for pick-up, shipping, or delivery. If you opt for delivery or shipping, you will have to take into account the additional expenses.

Some states may require you to have separate equipment from your own personal kitchen supplies. Others may even require you to have a whole separate kitchen area from your own. Make sure to check out your local rules, as your state, county, and/or city may even require you to get inspections or licenses.

Depending on how far you take your business of selling baked goods, you may need to contact your state’s tax or comptroller’s office. Ask them if you need to collect sales tax on your food items or if you need a food tax.

3. Create Social Media Pages

Social media is your friend when it comes to starting your baking business. As people are constantly on their phones these days, you want to be able to advertise your baked goods for people to see.

Tips On How To Make Money Selling Baked Goods From Home - Create Social Media Pages

Facebook and Instagram are both great platforms to share your baked goods. They allow you to share photos, prices, contact information, and descriptions of what you bake. People can easily message you to order goods and find out more information.

4. Create a Signature Item and Holiday Goods

To make your business stand out, you should aim to have a signature item. This could be custom birthday cakes or mini cheesecakes, something that is intriguing to people.

Holidays are also a great time to offer customizable and themed items. People often buy baked goods for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Thanksgiving. By making baked goods specifically for these holidays, you stand a good chance of selling more items.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new items. If you can, try to create some items that are allergy-friendly to expand your market. Try making some goods that are gluten-free or nut-free, as these are some of the most common allergies.

5. Get Baking

Once you have everything figured out, including your finances, get baking. It is always best to start small to make sure you have enough time and resources to prepare your orders. Make sure to always start in a clean kitchen to ensure your customers are getting the best products.

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Though the taste is arguably the most important part of your baked goods, presentation is also very important. The look of your items will leave a lasting impression on your customers, so be sure to take your time with the presentation. Add a label with your business information and a small thank you note to not only promote your business but show your appreciation.

Selling Baked Goods

Selling your own baked goods from home is a great way to make some extra money and potentially lead to a full-time job. Before you getting baking, it is important to make sure you are financially ready and have all the equipment you need. Once you have your plan, make sure to know your local laws, then start sharing on social media.

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