How to Put Icing on Cupcakes with a Ziplock Bag?

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Last Updated on January 14, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to put icing on cupcakes with a ziplock bag? Icing is an easy way to make any cake look like it came straight out of a bakery.

The “ziploc piping bag without tip” is a tool that can be used to put icing on cupcakes. It is made from a ziplock bag, and does not require any additional tools.

How do you pipe whipped cream with a ziplock bag?

A: You can use a ziplock bag to pipe whipped cream. Simply place the bag over your cup, then pour in the cream and seal it up. Then you can just cut off the top of the bag and squeeze out what you need.


If you want to make a piping bag from a plastic bag, it is easy. Just cut off one of the corners and use that as your piping bag. Reference: how to make a piping bag from a plastic bag.

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