How To Melt White Chocolate In The Microwave

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Last Updated on December 16, 2021

How do you exactly melt white chocolate in the microwave? White chocolate comprises cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids for starters. However, it does not contain cocoa solids. In contrast to that, cocoa solids are in other chocolate types. 

Moreover, cocoa butter’s melting point is high. That is why it is enough to keep white chocolate solid at room temperature. It is also why white chocolate takes longer to melt.

How Do You Exactly Melt White Chocolate In The Microwave?

To melt your white chocolate inside the microwave properly, you need to break the white chocolate. Make sure to break it into even and small pieces. Then, utilize a glass bowl since it gets hot enough to melt the white chocolate inside the microwave. Remember, white chocolate tends to scorch, seize, and turns lumpy or grainy when melted. 

Again, it can be tricky to melt white chocolate in the microwave compared to other chocolates. The main reason is its high cocoa butter content. Likewise, it has a low melting point. So, here are guidelines that will help you know how to melt a bar of white chocolate in the microwave. 

  1. Avoid covering your bowl, as this will allow condensation to form. It develops on the lid that might drip into your white chocolate. In addition to that, it may cause it to crystalize and seize.
  2. Chop your white chocolate into even sizes to allow your white chocolate to melt evenly. 
  3. You may opt for white chocolate chips instead of the large pieces. The main reason is that the white chocolate chips are small enough to melt. 
  4. To avoid overheating your white chocolate, use a thermometer to measure the temperature. Because of this, white chocolate burns at 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  5. Add a teaspoon of butter for every six ounces of white chocolate to avoid seizing. 

Step-by-step Instructions 

Step 1 

Chop your bars of white chocolate evenly using a sharp kitchen knife. With that, aim for about a 1/4-inch or 6.35 mm to 1/2-inch or 1.27 cm.  

Also, you can leave to the next step if you intend on using white chocolate chips. For that reason, white chocolate chips are small enough to melt, so there is no need to chop. In addition to that, you may break large bars of white chocolate using your hands or a box grater. 

Step 2 

Begin with medium or fifty percent of power in your microwave. With that, avoid microwaving your white chocolate in full power. Keep in mind that reducing the power of your microwave can avoid heating your white chocolate too fast. Likewise, avoid it from getting too hot. 

Microwaving in full power

Consequently, if you microwave your white chocolate at full power, it may cause it to overheat quickly. Because of that, you will have a lumpy and grainy texture in your white chocolate. 

Step 3 

Afterward, microwave your white chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl or a glass bowl for about 30 seconds and stir. Remember, your white chocolate will continue to melt from the heat of the bowl. Not only that but also its heat when stirred. 

Also, avoid covering your bowl or putting a lid on it because it can cause condensation. Note that condensed water may drip into your chocolate mixture and ruin your white chocolate. If your white chocolate does not look melted, check the temperature first before continuing to microwave it. 

Moreover, the white chocolate will retain its shape without stirring it. So with that, you can’t tell how warm it is just by looking at it. 

Step 4 

If not melted completely after stirring for a minute, you may continue to microwave it. With that, make sure to do it at thirty seconds intervals at fifty percent power. After that, stir your white chocolate in between each interval to allow it to melt outside of the microwave. 

Remember, this method may be necessary when making large batches of white chocolate. However, it is not necessary for small amounts. If you like to be extra careful, you can microwave your white chocolate in fifteen-second intervals instead of thirty seconds. 

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Step 5 

You can indeed save seized, lumpy, or grainy white chocolate by adding butter or shortening. To do this, you may add a tablespoon of butter or shortening. Ensure that it is about 15 ml for every 6 ounces or 170 grams of white chocolate. Then, add a teaspoon at a time or about 5 ml and stir in each addition. 

You may also use warm milk, warm cream, and flavorless vegetable oil to re-emulsify your white chocolate. With that, ensure to warm these liquids to an estimated temperature of the white chocolate before you stir them in. 

Furthermore, saving seized white chocolate has its limits. Because of that, you can use salvaged white chocolate as a drizzle or as an ingredient for batters and frostings. However, not recommended for candy coatings or elaborate chocolate decorations. 

How To Melt Milk Chocolate?

Bear in mind that some people do not favor melting chocolate in the microwave. However, melting chocolate using a microwave can be effective if approached carefully. To avoid burning or scorching, ensure that you are always using fresh, quality chocolate. 

Furthermore, melting milk chocolate can be easy with the right equipment and the right attitude. Staying away from a liquid is also important. Once your milk chocolate begins to melt, any other liquid may cause it to seize and become lumpy. To prevent this from occurring, add your flavoring, butter or shortening, and color extracts to your milk chocolate. It is best to do this before melting. 

How To Melt Milk Chocolate

In addition to that, utilize a clean, dry spoon for mixing. Remember that metal and silicone work better than wood since they are less likely to hold any moisture. Besides, you can use a rubber spatula if you prefer it. 

Moreover, avoid covering or putting a lid on your bowl to avoid condensation that may cause your chocolate to seize. Additionally, you may use and add unflavored oil like canola. You may also use butter or shortening, milk, or cream. So with that, warm the ingredient of your choice to the same temperature as your white chocolate. After that, ensure to add a tablespoon at a time. Then, continuously stir it after each addition till you attain the desired consistency.

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