How Long Is Chocolate Cake Good For? 3 Best Storage Tips

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Last Updated on April 28, 2022

How long is chocolate cake good for? Despite its short shelf life, there are many ways to extend it by only using proper storage techniques!

Today, we will explore the best ways to store chocolate cake to accurately determine how long it will be good for!

Chocolate Cake In All Its Glory!

Wouldn’t it be great if your chocolate cake could last a little bit longer? Well, folks, it’s easier than you may think! By simply knowing how long is chocolate cake good for and how to properly store it, you can have cake for days!

So, chocolate cake is made with simple cake ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar, leavening agents, and milk. It also often includes the addition of oil (as the fat) and cocoa powder (as the chocolate flavoring).

These cakes are usually completely covered with a layer of buttercream frosting to help retain their moisture.

So, the real question we are asking today – how long is chocolate cake good for? let’s find out!

So, How Long Is Chocolate Cake Good For?

When looking at the exact shelf life of chocolate cake, it mainly depends on how you store it and where you store it. Several factors can help increase or decrease the shelf life of a product, especially baked ones.

On average, a chocolate cake will last around 2 to 3 days if it has been properly stored at room temperature. When properly stored inside of a fridge, it can last up to a week. And, when stored in the freezer, it will naturally last for a couple of months.

Now, unfortunately, it isn’t as straightforward as that. Each of these storage methods has a couple of pros and cons to them. For example, when freezing cake you will make it last for much longer. However, it completely loses its’ fresh texture, intense flavor, and even its delicate consistency. So, this may not be the best option in all situations.

When storing cake in the fridge, it will still keep most of its fresh characteristics, but after a couple of days, it will also start changing. It will become drier, lose more flavor, and ultimately, just be stale. So, while this technique will help prevent instant bacterial growth, it does make the cake itself less good.

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And finally, room temperature cakes are arguably the best in flavor and texture. But, the cake will start showing signs of bacterial; growth after a few days. So, this method should only be used if you know for certain that your cake will be eaten within a couple of days.

Can You Do Anything To Extend Its Shelf Life?

Luckily, we have a few cake-storing tricks up our sleeves! To understand how to extend the shelf life, you have to understand what makes cake go off.

1. Oxygen

First, the number one cause of cakes going bad is oxygen. When the crumb is exposed to air, it starts becoming drier and drier, eventually completely going stale. While the cake will still be edible, it won’t be appetizing.

By storing your cake in an airtight container, you’ll be removing its contact with oxygen.

2. Heat

Heat is the next factor that speeds up cake deterioration. Heat creates a favorable environment for bacterial growth. And, especially because bacteria already have a ton of food and moisture in cake, when kept at room temperature, they thrive. This is why many people keep cakes in fridges.

Keep the cake away from humid areas, heat sources, and direct sunlight.

How Long Can chocolate cake last outside

3. Food and moisture

Usually, chocolate cake is moist. And bacteria need that to survive. Cake is also rich in sugars which aid bacterial growth. Unfortunately, you cannot really do anything about these.

What you can prevent is adding more moisture to the cake. This is often done when people store cake in humid areas, in direct sunlight, or in warm spots in the kitchen. This causes condensation inside the cake dome which leads to added moisture.

How To Properly Store Chocolate Cake

Now, let’s look at the best and easiest ways to store chocolate cake. This will have a direct effect on how long is chocolate cake good for.

How to store and how long is chocolate cake good for at room temperature?

First, place the chocolate cake inside of a cake dome. Make sure it is airtight. Then, simply place the container in a cool dry place away from any sunlight. A pantry works great!

When storing cake like this, make sure to eat it all within a day or two, otherwise, it will go stale quickly. It will only be good for about 3 days at the most.

How do you preserve a cake for a long time

How long is chocolate cake good for in the fridge? And how to store it best?

When storing cake in the fridge, again, place it inside of an airtight container. Here, it is especially important as fridges dry out food almost instantly! Then, simply place the cake inside the fridge away from any strong odors like garlic or leftover curry. Also, ensure that your fridge runs at a stable temperature below 40ºF (4ºC).

When has chocolate cake gone bad?

The first sign that cake has gone bad is when it starts becoming stale. The cake will still be edible, but not appetizing.

Then, you will start noticing some textural changes. Where your cake might have been moist and firm, it can become mushy, stiff, uber dry, or extremely wet.

Another sign that cake is off is when you taste or smell any acidic or tart flavors. Chocolate cake is predominantly sweet, so it isn’t normal to have those flavors present.

And finally, the most obvious sign that cake has gone bad is if you notice any mold growth. The cake should then immediately be discarded safely!

On a final note – how long is chocolate cake good for

Now that you know the answer to how long is chocolate cake good for, you never have to be uncertain again! If you enjoyed this article, make sure to go check out some of our other educational ones too! And, let us know if you have any other questions you would like us to cover!


How do you know when cake is bad?

The most obviously sign of a bad cake is visible mold. The cake should be immediately discarded. Other less noticeable signs is that the cake changes texture, consistency, flavor, and even aroma.

How long is chocolate cake good for in the fridge?

Cake, if properly stored, will easily last up to a week inside of the fridge. Possible even longer! This depends mainly on how you store it and at which temperature your fridge works. But, do keep in mind that after a couple of days the texture and flavor of the cake will start to noticeably change and become less appetizing.

How do you preserve a cake for a long time?

The best preservation technique is to properly store it. You should always keep the cake inside of an airtight container and away from any heat or direct light. Then, you could also potentially soak the cake layers in a sugar syrup - but this could lead to quicker mold growth and ultimately not extent the shelf life at all.

How long can chocolate cake last outside?

When stored inside of an airtight container away from light and in a cool place, your chocolate cake can last between 2-3 days at room temperature. During cold winter months, it may even last for 4 days.

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