How Long Does Buttercream Last In The Fridge

Last Updated on March 30, 2022

How long does buttercream last in the fridge? Perhaps, you would ask this question, especially if you plan to create buttercream frosting in advance. 

How Long Does Buttercream Last In The Fridge?

In general, buttercream frosting can last for a month inside the refrigerator. Also, remember that buttercream frosting can last for two weeks in the fridge if you create it with butter or milk. Additionally, you can only keep your cake with buttercream frosting for a week in your fridge. 

On the other hand, your buttercream frosting can last six weeks before it eventually spoils if not made with butter or milk; it is always best to check your ingredients’ shelf life. 

Besides, how long is buttercream good for? Usually, you can keep it for approximately three months inside your freezer. Please note that buttercream frosting in your freezer, if made with milk or butter, usually lasts for three months; bear in mind that it applies to cakes or cupcakes with buttercream frosting. 

With that, please store your buttercream frosting in the freezer. And once you are ready to eat your desserts with buttercream frosting, make sure to thaw them out at room temperature. 

But you can always make your buttercream frosting. After that, ensure to store it in smaller batches; do this, especially if you want the flavor and texture to stay the same after thawing your buttercream frosting.

Moreover, if you ask how long does buttercream last at room temperature? Please note that your buttercream frosting will last two to three days in a covered bowl at room temperature. On the contrary, it can last up to three weeks in a sealed container; all of these are possible considering that you have stored your buttercream frosting properly. 

Softening buttercream frosting 

Most of the time, you can conveniently take your chilled buttercream frosting out of the refrigerator when you are ready to use it. After that, at room temperature, let it thaw on your counter. 

On the other hand, if you have frozen buttercream frosting, you first have to transfer it to the refrigerator; remember to do it before using it. In so doing, it will let the buttercream frosting defrost slowly. In addition to that, it will lessen the temperature shock. 

How long is buttercream good for

Afterward, once thawed, you have to let it come to room temperature. Although, if you are defrosting a significant quantity of buttercream frosting, be sure to pull it from your freezer two days ahead of time. Doing so will ensure that it is ready by the time you need to use it in your recipes.

Then, re-whip your chilled or frozen buttercream frosting with a stand mixer until it is fluffy; keep in mind that it will help remove any tiny air bubbles in the buttercream frosting. 

Homemade buttercream frosting 

Does homemade buttercream frosting need to be refrigerated? The answer is no; bear in mind that the buttercream’s shelf life is similar regardless if it is homemade or store-bought. 

Although, you can refrigerate homemade buttercream frosting that has butter and milk for several weeks. Likewise, you can even store it longer if you put it in a sealed container. Nevertheless, you can freeze homemade frosting for a couple of months inside your freezer. And do not forget to thaw them properly when you are about to use them. 

How To Know If Buttercream Frosting Has Spoiled? 

How do you know when buttercream is bad? You will know if your buttercream frosting has spoiled whenever it starts to have an unpleasant smell. In addition to that, it tends to change its color; keep in mind that if these ever happen, do not hesitate to throw it out. 

Additionally, your cakes with buttercream frosting tend to turn green on the bottom if expired. Not only that but also the frosting will become watery, not to mention it will have a sour smell and taste. 

Moreover, at times, there will be a development of thick cream or even worse molds over the top. It is best to throw away your expired buttercream frosting if there are ever molds. Always bear in mind that your buttercream frosting should have a smooth texture. For this reason, if it ever thickens or becomes lumpy, make sure to get rid of it. 

In contrast, if you have store-bought buttercream frosting, ensure to check its expiration date. For this reason, if it is past the expiry date, not to mention that you have already opened it for about four weeks or more, make sure to discard it as soon as possible. 

However, if you are uncertain about when you bought or even made the buttercream frosting. In addition to that, you are unaware of how long it has been opened, please throw it in the trash can immediately. Doing so will undoubtedly prevent any sickness, especially stomach aches. 

How do you know when buttercream is bad

How To Store Buttercream Frosting Correctly? 

Essentially, whether you have created a batch of buttercream frosting ahead of time, likewise, you have plenty of leftover buttercream frosting, it would be best to store it properly in the refrigerator or your freezer. Nonetheless, the crucial thing is to protect your buttercream frosting from the air. 

Additionally, you can put your buttercream frosting in a piping bag sealed with a rubber band. In addition to that, you can store it in an airtight container. 

Moreover, you can cover it in a bowl with plastic wrap if you made your buttercream frosting a few days in advance. Also, please consider that you should never place your buttercream frosting near your meat or fish. 

Another option is to store it in your freezer. In this regard, it is necessary to thaw your buttercream frosting at room temperature. Likewise, you would need to re-whip it if you want it to return to its fluffy consistency. 

Furthermore, there are several ways you can do to increase your buttercream’s shelf life. With that, you can do so by modifying the buttercream ingredients. 

So with that, you may use a particular recipe that only needs you to add water, especially if you want something that can last for an extended period. In addition to that, it would be best to refrain from ingredients that spoil fast; these include milk and butter. Besides, both have an exceedingly short shelf life. 

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Tips And Tricks

For the most part, if you make a pure white buttercream with just shortening and no butter, it can undoubtedly stay out at room temperature for about two days. With this, make sure to cover it with cling wrap. Likewise, you can use a cake carrier. 

On the contrary, if your buttercream recipe is all butter, make sure to store it in the refrigerator; keep in mind that an all-butter recipe tends to melt off your cake, especially once you reach room temperature. 

Additionally, if you have a buttercream made with a recipe consisting of shortening and butter, it is possible to let it sit out at room temperature for about two days. That is why it would help to cover your dessert with cling wrap. Likewise, you can put it in a cake carrier. Doing so will indeed prevent the buttercream frosting from crusting too much. 


Does Homemade Buttercream Frosting Need To Be Refrigerated?

In most cases, it would be unnecessary to refrigerate your buttercream frosting. However, it is best to store your homemade buttercream frosting with milk and butter for a couple of weeks in the fridge. With that, make sure to place it in a sealed container. 

How Do You Know When Buttercream Is Bad?

Generally, you will know if the buttercream frosting has spoiled if you notice a color change, and it will smell rancid. 

How Long Is Buttercream Good For?

Essentially, you can store it for about three months in the freezer. At the same time, it can last for a week in your refrigerator. 

How Long Does Buttercream Last At Room Temperature?

Remember that it can last for three days in a covered bowl at room temperature. On the other hand, it can last for three weeks in an airtight container. 

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