The Easiest Way to Use Your Piping Bag

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Last Updated on January 25, 2022

Baking and decorating is a daunting task, but I enjoy it a lot! One of the things that really got me into it was watching the intricate piping details on a friend of mine’s wedding cake. She had ordered incredible white flowers that had been done in buttercream. I was struck! I had to learn how to do it myself! But the first piping bag I bought was a pain to use because I did not know how to use a piping bag.

How to Use a Piping Bag: What is a Piping Bag?

A piping bag is an instrument used to decorate cookies, cupcakes, cakes… Basically whatever you want! The piping bag is used together with metal tips that have different designs, to create an array of incredible shapes.

By using one you will be able to write on top of cakes but also place flowers, leaves, and swirls. It all depends on the tips you have and what you are piping. I love decorating with buttercream; it keeps its shape so nicely!

How to Use a Piping Bag: What is a Piping Bag?

How To Use A Piping Bag

First, you need to know that there are several parts to a piping bag. You have the piping bag itself, that is usually reusable, the metal or plastic tips (metal tips are better quality!), and a coupler that joins them together. 

You also may only have the coupling and the tips. You can use them with a different bag, maybe a plastic bag, if you want to avoid some washing up later.

The coupler is composed of two parts. One that goes inside the bag and another one that comes over the tip to secure them in place.

Step 1

If you are using the bag that came with your set, skip this step, as it has already been cut to fit the tips.

If you are using a plastic bag, grab one of the corners and measure 1.75 inches. Then snip it out with a pair of scissors. 

How To Use A Piping Bag

Step 2

Unscrew the coupler and the tip. It usually comes already attached and it is also easier to store that way. Be sure to wash all the parts and let them dry before moving forward.

Step 3

Grab the larger piece and place it inside the bag. Make it go through the opening you just created. ¼ of an inch should be popping out.

Step 4

Place the metal tip you chose to decorate with over the protruding end of the piece. 

How To Use A Piping Bag Decorate

Step 5

While keeping it together with one hand, grab the exterior coupler and screw it to the inside coupler over the plastic bag. This will secure both ends in place.

Step 6

Get ready to start piping!

How To Use A Piping Bag Decorate Start Piping

Tips and Tricks

Check out this video by Ginger Mouse where you can see exactly what we are talking about!

If this is the first time you are using a piping set, we recommend this set. It has enough pieces for you to try out and see what you like before moving onto a better set if you wish. You can find disposable plastic piping bags or reusable piping bags.

Were you able to use your set? Tell us below!

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