How Long Do Brownies Last?

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Last Updated on April 4, 2022

Brownies are one of the most popular desserts thanks to their chocolatey goodness. So, just how long do brownies last? Properly storing these tasty treats is key to keeping them fresh and delicious for as long as possible.

Whether with a layer of fudge frosting or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, brownies are a classic dessert. They taste especially great warm out of the oven when they are still gooey. No matter how you like your brownies, keeping them fresh is important so they can taste delicious.

How Long Do Brownies Last?

In general, brownies will last for five to seven days when properly stored at room temperature. The exact time on how long they last will vary by climate and how they are stored.

For best results, you will want to store your brownies at room temperature. Let them fully cool off before you store them. It is best to store your homemade brownies in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight.

how long do brownies last in the fridge

Keeping brownies in the fridge

Brownies do not need to be stored in the fridge, but you can put them in the fridge to extend their shelf life by a couple of days. However, in some cases storing brownies in the fridge may take away their chewy consistency.

If you live in a hot, humid environment, it may be a good idea to store your brownies in the fridge. Just be sure to keep them tightly covered so they don’t absorb smells from other food in the fridge.

Freezing brownies

If you want to save time, you can bake your brownies ahead of time. Brownies will keep for up to four to six months in your freezer.

To freeze brownies, allow them to fully cool first. Then wrap the brownies in plastic wrap followed by a layer of aluminum foil, being sure to tightly wrap them so no air gets in. It is best to freeze brownies as an uncut slab, as this will prevent them from drying out.

You can, however, freeze brownie slices as well. Using a large Ziploc bag or airtight container, place your brownies in, separating each layer by wax paper.

When ready to eat your brownies, let them thaw overnight in the fridge or at room temperature for one to two hours. For brownie squares, you can also defrost them in the microwave in 15-second interments at half power.

How To Properly Store Brownies

It is important to properly store your brownies so they do not dry out and go stale. Brownies dry out easily so you always want to make sure they are covered.

Store your brownies in an airtight container or in a Ziploc bag. You can also wrap them in aluminum foil or plastic wrap as well.

If your brownies contain perishable toppings such as cream cheese frosting or cheesecake, you will want to store them in the fridge. Be sure to keep them tightly covered in the fridge. You can eat them chilled or let them sit at room temperature for around 30 minutes before eating.

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How To Tell If Your Brownies Are No Longer Good

If your brownies have any mold on them, throw them out. In addition, if they have any discoloration or an off-taste or smell, it is likely best to just get rid of them.

If your brownies get hard, they are often not very palatable, however, they are generally still safe to eat. If they do go stale, you can use them as a topping in ice cream or a mix-in for milkshakes. You can also use them to make truffles or brownie bread pudding.

How To Keep Brownies Fresh For Longer

Though brownies will last for around five to seven days at room temperature, there are a few ways you can make them stay fresh for longer. These hacks will help guarantee you fudgy, chewy brownies for days.

Store them with a slice of bread

Add a slice of bread to the container of brownies you are storing. The bread will help keep the brownies fresh, as they absorb the moisture from the bread.

If you notice the bread is dried out, you can replace it with a new slice of bread. You can save the dried bread for making bread crumbs.

Don’t slice them if you are making them ahead of time

If you are making your brownies a couple of days ahead of time, do not slice them right away. Slicing the brownies into pieces will cause them to dry out quicker. Wait to slice the brownies until right before you serve them.

Keep them airtight

Keeping your brownies stored airtight is important to keep them fresh and chewy. Make sure to use an airtight container or Ziploc bags that are tightly closed. Plastic wrap and aluminum foil also work well for tightly covering your brownies.

Properly Storing Your Delish Brownies

Brownies are best kept at room temperature in an airtight container for up to seven days. It is important to always keep them covered because otherwise, they will go stale.

Do you have any questions regarding how long do brownies last? If so, please ask your brownie storage questions down below.


How Long Do Brownies Last in the Fridge?

Brownies can last for seven to nine days in the fridge. Most brownies do not need to be refrigerated, however, if they contain perishable toppings such as cream cheese then they should be stored in the fridge at all times.

How Long Do Brownies Last in a Ziploc Bag?

Brownies will last for around five to seven days at room temperature in a Ziploc bag. You can also store them in the fridge in a Ziploc bag for seven to nine days or in the freezer for up to four to six months.

How Long Do Brownies Last Unrefrigerated?

Brownies will last for five to seven days unrefrigerated. As long as they do not have perishable toppings they are best stored at room temperature.

How Long Do Brownies Last on the Counter?

Brownies will last on the counter for five to seven days if they are stored in an airtight container. If they are left on the counter uncovered they will go stale overnight.

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