Cake Falls Apart When Cutting

Cake Falls Apart When Cutting

Last Updated on April 24, 2021

Need to find a solution on why your cake falls apart when cutting? Usually, there are many reasons for this, one of which is poor planning. In addition to that, it could be because of too much or too little moisture, wrong oven temperature, and over or under baking the cake.

For the most part, it can rely on where you live. If you live in a hot climate, there is a big possibility that the cake will not become what you intend it to be despite following the step-by-step instructions correctly.

Cake Falls Apart When Cutting?

The main reason why a cake falls apart when cutting is that you are not cutting the cake properly. That being said, make sure to cut the standard layer cake with a thin and long blade. Because of that, please cut in a gentle sawing motion. Doing this separates all the cake layers resulting in a clean slice of cake. On the contrary, use a serrated knife to cut fluffier cakes like angel food cakes and chiffons. You should do a similar sawing motion as well. However, be extra gentle to avoid messing up the cake’s airiness.  

What To Do When The Cake Falls Apart When Cutting?

Considering that the cake has fallen apart, but it looks okay, you can try to level it. Because of this, you will end up with a somewhat thinner cake level. It’s not what you wanted in the first place, but at least you still have a good-looking cake.

On the other hand, if your cake has dropped way too low to work with as a cake layer, you can still use it in various tasty treats. For instance, you can crumble the cake. After that, mix it with frosting to make cake balls. Then, mix in homemade or store-bought frosting. With that, make sure to add a sufficient amount to ensure that the mixture comes together when squeezed. Afterward, roll the mixture into balls. Finally, add in some sprinkles, cocoa powder, or coconut.

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Transform The Cake That Has Fallen Apart Into Trifles

As a last resort, you can save the cake that has fallen apart and make them into delectable and gorgeous trifles. With that, no one will even notice that the cake has fallen apart except you, of course. Although trifles are exceedingly flavorful on their own, adding cake into the mix will take it up a notch. You can make it by putting the cake pieces in a deep serving bowl. After that, add some pudding, whipped cream, and fresh fruits. By the time you finish making the trifle, you are left in awe with a magnificent and yummy dessert you made for your loved ones to enjoy.

Transform The Cake That Has Fallen Apart Into Trifles

Reasons Why The Cake Breaks

Essentially, it can greatly affect the structure and rise of the cake if the oven temperature is too hot. That is why it would be helpful to have an oven thermometer. With that, make sure that the temperature falls within the correct range.

Another reason could be undermixing the cake batter; consequently, it will leave pockets of dry ingredients. In addition to that, it will result in the development of weak points inside the cake. For that reason, be sure to combine the cake batter well to the extent that there will be no dry spots.

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How To Fix the Cake When It Breaks?

You have to keep in mind that a cake has gone through a lot over the last thirty minutes or so when baking. In addition to that, it turned from a liquid to a solid. That is why it requires a minute or two to gain its composure once removed from the conventional oven. 

Thus, the most effective approach is to line the bottoms of the cake pan with parchment paper. Moreover, you should always ensure to grease the pan on the sides and the bottom. In addition to that, you can add another layer of protection with flour and butter in the cake pan. Likewise, add a parchment circle to the bottom to provide a final layer of protection. With all of these precautions, you are bound to have a cake that will not get stuck.

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Remember, cakes should rest on a rack for approximately fifteen minutes after coming out of the oven. Likewise, ensure to let the cake cool in the pan till it is not hot to the touch. Doing this ensures that the cake will slide out easily after cooling. Moreover, run a knife along the edge and flip it onto an even surface.

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