Choosing The Best Wedding Cake Cutting Sets – Ultimate Guide

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Last Updated on March 6, 2022

Do you know what wedding cake-cutting sets are? Or how to choose them? We will look at everything you need to know before buying a set!

We will not only look at what they are, but what this ceremony signified and how to choose the best set for this day.

What Is A Cake-Cutting Set for Weddings?

A wedding day is an extremely special and memorable day in a couple’s life! You have spent so much time planning the perfect wedding, everything needs to be flawless. This is why even the tiniest things are taken into consideration such as wedding cake cutting sets.

But, what are these, and how come you’ve never heard of them?

Wedding cake cutting sets consist of a cake knife and a cake lifter. These sets are often overlooked, yet an essential part of the reception. Now, if you aren’t buying these for your own wedding, they also make a fantastic gift for someone else.

Why are wedding cake cutting sets important?

The cake cutting ceremony is one of the biggest events at the wedding and guests have their eyes fixed on the bride and groom. This is also a memory that will likely be captured on photos and video. Having a beautiful cutting set, and even more importantly, one that works is crucial.

No one will notice a pretty set, but everyone will notice a regular knife and spatula.

What does the wedding cake cutting signifies

What Should You Cut A Wedding Cake With?

Wedding cake cutting sets are used to cut wedding cakes during the reception. The knife is used by the bride and groom to cut the first slice of cake. Then, the lifter is used to make sure the cake doesn’t break apart while being lifted.

Wedding cake cutting sets also add a personal touch to the wedding decor and can be kept as a token of the special day forever.

Are There Different Kinds Of Wedding Cake Cutting Sets?

There are different types of wedding cake cutting sets, although they do all consist of a server (cake lifter) and a knife.

The difference between sets is mainly their size and style. For the most part, there are two main styles you can choose from; a modern style or an antique style. Both of these categories are still pretty broad.

Modern styles are often elegant and sleek. There are many materials and finishes they can be made from including stainless steel, rose-gold, or colored plated silverware. The designs are more simplistic and don’t have a ton of embellishments if any at all!

Antique sets are more elaborate and usually have more detail to them. They are however more expensive. Unless of course, the set has been passed down as a wedding tradition in the family. Antique styles can include crystal features, French-inspired embellishments, or even be made of materials like pewter.

Choosing A Wedding Cake Cutting Set

Choosing a set is pretty easy. Now that we have discussed the different styles, you can start your search. First, choose whether you want to go modern or antique. This should be an easy decision. You can simply look at the theme of the wedding decor.

Once you have chosen a style, you can start looking at specific products. The look of the set isn’t something we can really give you a guide on. This comes down to personal preference. We can, however, provide you with some functional characteristics to look out for.

TIHOOD Set of 2 Rustic Wedding Cake Knife and Serving Set


You want to choose a material that looks pretty and that will last. Plastic is a no-go! In our opinion, it looks tacky. Furthermore, plastic can break and isn’t all that durable.

You want to have a material that is preferably rust-proof, scratch-proof, and that won’t dent and warp over time. A bonus is if it is dishwasher safe.


Serrated knives work the best when it comes to cutting cakes. But, only those with thin teeth (edges). You want to finely slice through the dense cake texture. Large teeth are intended for breads and will completely tear the cake apart.

You also want to make sure that the blade isn’t too thin. These won’t cut the cake straight and will bend when being used.


The handle should not only be sturdy, but comfortable to use. The design of the knife and lifter affects how the handle will look.


Generally speaking, the size of both the knife and cake lifter is pretty much the same for all sets. But, don’t choose something that is the size of a butter knife. Makes sure you get properly sized sets that will work easily and effectively.

Meaning of Cutting a Wedding Cake

Cake cutting is one of the most popular wedding traditions. But, it represents far more than just a fun photo opportunity.

In modern days, cutting the cake together signifies the first activity done by the bride and groom as a married couple. You can have a look at the history behind cake cuttings at weddings and how they evolved throughout the centuries.

How To Cut A Wedding Cake Using Wedding Cake Cutting Sets? – Who cuts the cake?

The best way or a most appropriate way for a couple to cut the wedding cake is for the bride to take the cake knife first. Then, the groom should place his right hand over his bride’s hand.

It is best to first slice the bottom layer of the cake. This signifies unity and entering married life. Then, the piece is lifted using the cake lifter and placed on the cake. It should then be sliced into two smaller pieces.

The groom should first feed a piece of cake to his bride and then the bride to him. The exchanging of the wedding cake bites signifies a public declaration of the couple’s commitment towards one another.

The couple is not responsible for cutting the rest of the cake, usually, the caterer or a waiter will do this task and make sure all the guests receive their slice.

What is a cake cutting set


Wedding cake cutting sets might not be something you had on your mind while planning your wedding, but be sure to add this to your list. Let us know what you thought about the article in the comments below.


What is a cake cutting set?

A cake cutting set consist of a cake cutting knife and a cake lifter. The knife is used to cleanly slice the cake, while the lifter is used to move it without it falling apart.

What do you cut a wedding cake with?

Wedding cakes are cut using special wedding cake cutting sets. These aren't in any way different to regular sets, but they are usually specifically designed to fit wedding themes. There are loads of styles you can choose from to match the rest of the wedding decor.

What does the wedding cake cutting signifies?

This ceremony signifies the first activity the married couple does together. Them feeding each other a bite acts as a declaration to the world of their love and support to one another.

Can I cut my own wedding cake?

You are only responsible for cutting the first slice of your wedding cake. The rest of the cake will be cut by a waiter or the baker. They ensure that the rest of the guests get their slices.

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