How to Make Fondant Hard?

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Last Updated on January 14, 2022

This is a very delicate and time consuming process. You’ll need a mixer, which you can purchase for around $50-60 USD on Amazon or at your local cake supply store. If you are short on time, it may be easier to use pre-made fondant instead of making your own.

When you are making fondant hard, the best way to do it is to add cornstarch. You can also make a mixture of cornstarch and water. Read more in detail here: how to make fondant stand up.

How do you use tylose to harden fondant?

A: To harden fondant, you will need to use a product called tylose. This is a type of sugar that has been treated with an acid to make it more brittle and harder. You can find this in the baking aisle at your local grocery store.

The “can you harden fondant in the fridge” is a question that has been asked before. The answer is yes, but it will take some time.

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