How To Keep Cake Moist After Baking – 5 Fantastic Tricks

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Last Updated on March 18, 2022

Are you wondering how to keep cake moist after baking it? Our expert techniques will help retain moisture and extend the shelf life considerably!

We will have a look at the best ways to store cake at room temperature or in the fridge. We have even taken into consideration how to store cake layers, whole decorated cakes, and cake slices! Now, you never have to worry about dry cakes again!

Why do cakes not stay moist after baking? Why is the cake texture dry?

Unfortunately, cakes do tend to dry out extremely quickly! And, what is even more frustrating is when it dries out before you have even begun decorating it! But, why does this happen and what affects the texture of your cake?

First, it is important to understand that cakes dry out because they lose moisture. Seems pretty logical, right? But, the key is to understand what causes the cakes to lose moisture. That will better enable you to understand how to keep cake moist after baking it.

The main factor that causes the cake to lose moisture is oxygen. When storing a cake in an open environment, the surrounding air helps the moisture in the cake to evaporate. With the loss of moisture in the cake crumb itself, it dries out and causes this appealing dry and bland texture.

how to keep cakes moist overnight

How To Keep Cake Moist After Baking?

So, let’s have a look at some of the best ways how to keep cake moist after baking it. These techniques won’t completely prevent the loss of moisture, but they will help delay it considerably!

The key to keeping cake moist is to store it correctly at all times. This includes using proper storing techniques after baking (before decorating), once the cake has been decorated, and after it has been sliced.

1. Store the cake in an airtight container

This is the key to preventing moisture loss! The airtight container will help trap moisture inside and will considerably delay evaporation! This way, you can rest assured that your cake will retain its moist texture for as long as possible!

Furthermore, the container also sometimes helps add more moisture to the cake. Especially when the environment is a little bit warm or humid, condensation forms in the crumb of the cake, which ultimately adds some moisture.

2. Store away from sunlight

Naturally, the sun helps dry out things. Again, this has to do with evaporation. The heat from the rays of sunlight will cause the liquid in the cake to evaporate, causing the cake to become dry.

So, by storing the cake in a dark area, you will prevent any evaporation from taking place.

3. Store in a cool place

This one goes hand-in-hand with storing the cake away from sunlight. Heat (from any source including the sun) will cause the crumb to dry out because of prevarication.

This is why many people prefer storing their cakes in the fridge. While storing the cake in the fridge has many benefits (including delaying the growth of mold), it does have some downfalls and can also cause your cake to dry out if stored incorrectly.

4. Use a simple syrup

This age-old technique is used by professional bakers and pastry chefs across the globe. Once the cake has been baked and slightly cooled, add a lukewarm simply syrup on the cake layers.

This syrup will add a ton of moisture that will make every bite soft and packed with flavor.

Sugar is also a preservative and will help delay the growth of bacteria and mold.

5. Just choose a moist cake recipe

Sometimes, it is as simple as choosing the correct cake recipe. The recipe should have a high liquid content to ensure you get a naturally wet texture. If your recipe is very dry, your cake doesn’t stand a chance against the elements!

Liquid can be incorporated in the form of eggs, milk, cream, oil, and even water. Even fresh pureed fruit or shortening (or butter) will add moisture!

how to keep cake moist in fridge

Storing Cakes Overnight

Sometimes you need to store a cake un-decorated overnight. And of course, you want to prevent it from drying out. So, the best way to do this is to individually wrap the cooled layers with plastic wrap and keep them at room temperature. If it is very hot outside you can store them inside of the fridge. The plastic wrap layer will prevent the fridge from drying out the layers.

You can also apply our simple syrup technique to add more moisture to the layers, which will further help prevent a dry texture.

And, if you need to store a decorated cake overnight, you can simply place it inside on an airtight container or cake box. There are tons of cake carriers available online or at your local plastics shop.

Storing a cake in a fridge

Storing cakes in a fridge does have a ton of benefits. The biggest downside is that if you don’t store the cake correctly, the fridge will actually aid in drying out the crumb!

A fridge will prevent the cake from coming into contact with warmth and direct light. It also protects the cake from mold growth and from coming into contact with other potentially harmful things.

To correctly store a cake in a fridge, you can apply first wrap the cake layers with plastic wrap. If you are storing them for a couple of days or have different layers, you may want to label them too.

Then, place them inside of an airtight container for extra protection. Keep them in a cold fridge with a temperature of 40 °F or below. The fridge should also be free of odors, as cakes are very porous and will absorb them.

If you need to store whole cakes or slices of cakes, again, it is crucial to store them in airtight containers. Paper or cardboard boxes won’t help a ton as they themselves are still pretty porous.

You can also store whole decorated cakes in glass domes or big plastic cake carriers. And, if the cake shape allows it, you can carefully wrap it with plastic.

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Final Words

With this tutorial, you never have to worry about dry cakes again! Our expert tips and tricks will enable you to keep the maximum amount of moisture in your crumb at all times! Feel free to share this guide with your fellow bakers and community!


How to keep cake fresh after baking?

Immediately store the cake layers once they have completely cooled. You can wrap the layers individually with saran wrap or place them in airtight plastic containers. And, for decorated cakes, you can store them in cake carriers that also have an airtight seal.

How to keep cakes moist overnight?

It is best to store wrapped cake layers or whole decorated cakes in the fridge, especially if they need to stay there overnight. The fridge (only when using an airtight container) will help prevent the layers drying out and protect the cake from heat, light, and other foreign objects, like odors.

How to keep cake moist in fridge?

The key to storing cake in a fridge is to keep it in an airtight container. Otherwise, the dry air in the fridge will also cause the cake to dry out. You can also use a simple syrup to add more moisture and prevent the layers from becoming dry.

Why is my cake dry?

Cake can be dry because of a faulty recipe, over baking, or incorrect storage. Often, the storage methods used tends to be the main cause of dry cake.

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