Can You Make Cupcakes Without Liners

Last Updated on March 31, 2022

Can you make cupcakes without liners? Yes, but before anything else, cupcake liners are papers used to hold the batter poured into cupcake pans. Also, they are often corrugated and come in different designs. Because of that, you typically use them to create cupcakes. On the other hand, store-bought cupcakes usually come in liners. So, is it vital to use cupcake liners whenever you are baking cupcakes?

Can You Make Cupcakes Without Liners?

First and foremost, how do you keep cupcakes from sticking without paper? Please note that there are a few reasons to avoid using cupcake liners. In most cases, liners are an optional step when baking cupcakes. Remember, you can effectively grease your cupcake pans to prevent them from sticking.

Moreover, keep in mind that liners add cost when baking, and sometimes cupcake liners are sold in different sizes, so getting the perfect size for your cupcake pan can become tricky.

In comparison, cheaper cupcake liners sometimes do not remove well from your cupcake pans, and some cupcake batters without oil and butter will stick to ungreased cupcake liners.

Can You Make Cupcakes Without Liners

So, if you want to bake homemade cupcakes without using liners, you will need these few tips to prevent your cupcakes from sticking in your cupcake pan.

For the most part, ensure that your cupcakes are cooked thoroughly before removing them from the oven. So, you can use a toothpick to insert your cupcake’s center part. With that, make sure to check if it comes out clean, and when it does, your cupcakes are good to go.

After that, allow your cupcake pan with cupcakes to cool on a cooling wire rack for about ten minutes. Then, you can gently use a small butter knife to loosen each cupcake from your cupcake pan.

Next, cover your cupcake pan with a large clean towel or baking sheet. Then, grab each end of your cupcake pan with a towel and flip your cupcake pan upside down unto your towel or baking sheet; bear in mind that your cupcakes should ideally come out of the pan.

Alternatives for cupcake liners

What can I use if I don’t have cupcake liners? When baking is a hobby or an occupation, there are those days when you forget an item when buying ingredients and stuff at the store.

Likewise, when you are ready to make your cupcakes, you forget to buy your cupcake liners; don’t fret because you can still make those cupcakes without using cupcake liners.

That is why you can also be creative and make your own. Because of that, when making DIY cupcake liners, the most accessible material is parchment paper.

Most of the time, you use parchment paper for lining your pans and sheets so that your baked goods do not stick, not to mention, you can utilize aluminum foil as a cupcake liners replacement.

Also, remember that aluminum foil is shiny, which can give your cupcakes an adorable appearance. In addition to that, aluminum cupcake liners can perfectly accent cupcakes decorated with sprinkles and colorful frosting.

However, when using aluminum foil, it is essential to lightly grease the bottom of your cupcake liner with cooking oil, butter, margarine, or cooking spray. Also, lightly grease your aluminum cupcake liners in the bottom interior.

Lastly, if you prefer not to create your cupcake liners, you can always use silicone liners if you have one; remember, those silicone liners are washable and nonstick, but they are a bit expensive. Nevertheless, you can use them repeatedly.

Homemade cupcake liners

How do you make homemade cupcake liners? If you believe that store-bought cupcake liners are good, wait until you make one for yourself. Making your cupcake liners is easy and cheap. And it also serves the same purpose as an ordinary cupcake liner, plus it also adds aesthetic.

To make your cupcake liners, you need to prepare a pair of scissors, parchment paper, and a small glass or bottle that fits inside your cupcake pan.

Afterward, cut your parchment paper into 6-inch squares and flip your glass upside down. Then, place your parchment paper on your glass and press it downwards, forming a crease.

Next, you can mold your piece along the edge of your glass to make it neat and place the creased cupcake liner inside your cupcake pan. After that, leave your glass in for about one to two minutes to allow your liner to hold its shape.

You can also make aluminum cupcake liners using a sheet of aluminum foil. You may start by cutting them into squares or circles of your desired size.

And place your square aluminum into your cupcake pan and press down using a glass or a cup; bear in mind that aluminum is very mouldable, making it easier to form them into your desired shape.

No Cupcake Liners

In most cases, cupcake liners are neat and easy to use, making your cupcake pan clean. But what if you have no cupcake liners? Are you not able to bake now?

Well, the answer is no. You can still make cupcakes with no cupcake liners. Here are some tips for baking cupcakes with no cupcake liners.

Preparing your cupcake pan

To prep your cupcake pan, you can use baking spray. Find a spray made especially for baking because some sprays are for culinary. Then, make sure to spray your cupcake pan evenly with a light mist and avoid spraying too much. The main reason is that your cupcakes will absorb extra grease and not taste nice.

Once done greasing, scoop your cupcake batter straight into your pan and bake. You can also use butter to grease your cupcake pan.

Moreover, you can use a butter stick from the fridge; remember to melt it before using it. Likewise, you can use cold butter. With that, slice off about a tablespoon. Then, make sure to press it into each cupcake pan cup.

Besides, you can use melted butter in the microwave and dip a paper towel or pastry brush to grease each cup from your cupcake pan; keep in mind that oils are another option to use when greasing your cupcake pan. Canola and vegetable oil are the best option because they have no flavor.

You can also use coconut oil, but it will add a subtle coconut taste to your cupcakes. So, use a pastry brush or towel dipped in oil to grease your cupcake pans.

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When done baking your cupcakes, now they look perfect, so what to do next? First, refrain from removing your cupcakes from your cupcake pan. Also, allow cupcakes to cool inside the pan for about five to ten minutes.

Remember, allowing them to cool will ensure they stay in one piece. Next, use a butter knife or a small offset spatula and stick it to the side of your cupcake and cupcake pan. Then, gently pry your knife upward and check if it pops out easily. If it does, flip it out and do the same process with your cupcakes.


How Do You Keep Cupcakes From Sticking Without Paper?

In most cases, you may grease the cupcake pans properly. In so doing, it will undoubtedly prevent your cupcakes from ever sticking without paper.

What Can I Use If I Don't Have Cupcake Liners?

You can always get creative and make DIY cupcake liners whenever you do not have cupcake liners at home. With this, you may use parchment paper and aluminum foil.

How Do You Make Homemade Cupcake Liners?

First things first, cut your parchment paper into 6-inch squares. After that, make sure to flip the glass upside down. Afterward, put the parchment paper on the glass; press it downwards. Then, put the creased cupcake liner inside the cupcake pan. Finally, leave the glass in for around one to two minutes. Doing so will allow your cupcake liner to maintain its shape.

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