Calories In Vanilla Extract

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Last Updated on April 9, 2022

Want to know the calories in vanilla extract? Also, is vanilla extract bad for you? For the most part, vanilla is undoubtedly safe when consumed in amounts usually found in desserts. Although, keep in mind that a few individuals are allergic to vanilla.

Additionally, it can lessen your sugar intake since vanilla has fewer carbohydrates and calories. So with that, it would be best to use vanilla as a sugar alternative because it can undoubtedly prevent high blood glucose levels. Not only that, but also it can help you have a more heart-healthy lifestyle.

Calories In Vanilla Extract

For starters, does vanilla extract have any calories? Well, of course, it does. And if you are asking how many calories are in a teaspoon of vanilla extract? About twelve calories for one teaspoon of vanilla extract, about 4.2 grams. At the same time, there are approximately thirty-eight calories for a tablespoon of vanilla extract, around thirteen grams.

On the other hand, there are 288 calories for 100 grams of vanilla extract. In comparison, there are 599 calories for one cup of vanilla extract, about 208 grams.

Facts about vanilla extract 

Generally, manufacturers create a natural vanilla extract from the vanilla plant’s pods, usually found in tropical locations of the world. In addition to that, people use vanilla extract to flavor beverages and foods. Not only that but also individuals utilize it in fragrances and medicines.

Furthermore, you should know that vanilla is among the most costly spices internationally. The main reason is that it is labor-intensive. Because of that, you should know that manufacturers ripe, dry, and condition bean pods to make a remarkable aroma and flavor.

Moreover, manufacturers may often make artificial vanilla from coal tar and wood pulp as an alternative. Again, the reason is that vanilla extract is in high demand and highly costly.

Although, an artificial vanilla extract does not provide as many health benefits as natural vanilla.

vanilla extract nutrition info

Vanilla extract’s health benefits

For most people, vanilla is their favorite ice cream flavor. But, regarding the vanilla extract nutrition info, know that vanilla extract provides more than a delectable taste. The main reason is that vanilla extract’s health benefits are vast. With this, you have to ensure that you buy natural vanilla extract instead of artificial vanilla extract.

Moreover, avoid purchasing a replicate of vanilla extract since it is usually cheaper. Yet, do not forget that you have to consider the quality of the product.

In general, vanilla provides a pleasing aroma and a flavorful taste to your various sweets and baked goods; bear in mind that vanilla gives more than just an accent to your many sweet desserts.

In that regard, your pure vanilla extract provides different and helpful health benefits with the tiniest calorie impact.

In most cases, vanilla extract has potassium and magnesium; keep in mind that these are minerals crucial for an individual’s good health. Because of that, you must know that potassium is essential for proper heart and kidney function. In addition to that, it is vital for nerve function and muscle contraction.

Additionally, please note that adults usually need between 2,600 and 3,400 milligrams per day. At first glance, the six milligrams in a tablespoon of vanilla extract may appear insignificant. However, remember that every bit of it helps contribute to a person’s daily needs.

Furthermore, adults usually need about 320 to 420 milligrams of magnesium every day; bear in mind that a tablespoon of vanilla extract gives approximately one milligram of this mineral. Plus, it contributes to blood pressure regulation. Also, it helps nerve and muscle function.

Uses Of Vanilla Extract: Calories In Vanilla Extract

Lattes or coffee

If you are trying to find a new twist to your bland coffee, well, you can add one to two drops of vanilla extract. As a result, it will provide your coffee sweetness, not to mention that the cozy aroma is certainly pleasing first thing in the morning.

Almond butter

First and foremost, create a large batch by making sure to stir at least one to two teaspoons of vanilla into your half cup of almond butter. Likewise, feel free to add a single drop to a one or two-tablespoon serving. Then, be sure to use a dip for a slather on whole-grain toast or fresh fruit. Besides, you may pair it with a square of dark chocolate.

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Coconut whipped cream

Adding a teaspoon of your vanilla extract will only take approximately three seconds. And as a result, it can indeed transform your can of coconut milk into a dairy-free whipped cream. Not only that, but also it will undoubtedly make it ten times better.


There is no doubt that natural vanilla will taste incredibly delicious since vanilla-flavored protein powder tastes good in a mixed drink. With this, you can begin adding a teaspoon. After that, make sure to give it a taste. Nevertheless, you do not have to fret too much because you are always free to add more if you want to.

Almond flour pancakes

You may sometimes experience that your paleo pancakes made of less sugar can fall a bit flat. That is why it would help to add two to three teaspoons of vanilla extract into the batter; remember that you have to do this before you spoon it onto the griddle. With this, do not forget about the syrup altogether.

Roasted fruit

Though it depends on your preference, you may drizzle one to two teaspoons of vanilla extract on sliced pears, halved berries or cherries, and sliced peaches. Remember to do this before you start roasting them in the oven. In so doing, it will undoubtedly bring out the natural sweetness of the fruits and the floral taste without additional carbs or calories.

Plain Yogurt

For the most part, your vanilla-flavored typically has plenty of sugar in it. In addition to that, it does not even taste that great. So, it would be best to add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Then, make sure to stir into your plain yogurt.

Is vanilla extract bad for you

Banana soft serve

If confused about what to do with your frozen pureed bananas? Well, you are in luck since you can add a little bit of vanilla extract; keep in mind that you have to do this while pureeing them in your food processor. And as a result, you will get an exceedingly clean vanilla soft serve.


Does Vanilla Extract Have Any Calories?

Yes, for one cup of vanilla extract or 208 grams, there are around 599 calories. In contrast, there are approximately 288 calories when you have 100 grams of vanilla extract. In addition to that, there are about 38 calories when you add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to your recipes.

How Many Calories In A Teaspoon Of Vanilla Extract?

Generally, one teaspoon of vanilla extract or 4.2 grams has twelve grams. Please note that this is the standard quantity of this flavoring when added to your recipes. Likewise, it is the one serving size of vanilla extract.

Is Vanilla Extract Bad For You?

No, although you must know that you should only use tiny quantities of it; bear in mind that it can indeed provide nutrients to your desserts. With this, it can somewhat change its nutritional value. Also, be extra careful since your vanilla extract relies on whether the vanilla extract is artificial or natural. Not only that, but it depends on the conditions of its production. That is why it tends to change your dessert's nutritional value when you add vanilla extract.

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