Cake Serving Size Chart: Best Wedding & Party Serving Sizes

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Last Updated on February 12, 2023

The cake’s flavors and designs are essential components in making cakes for events. However, a cake serving size chart is fundamental to consider.

In essence, a cake is crucial for celebrations, especially birthdays; keep in mind that it undoubtedly adds more happiness to the event. In addition to that, it symbolizes milestones. Not only that, but also it is the perfect gift to warm the heart of your celebrant.

With that, there is no denying that nothing can ever beat the ability of cakes to light up the party, not to mention make everything extra special.

Cake Serving Size Chart

When baking a cake to serve at a particular event, it is essential to have the proper servings to serve your guests. You will want to provide each guest with a slice of your cake for them to enjoy the party. That is why cake sizes and servings are crucial. 

What size are most birthday cakes? Most individuals use a round pan for birthday cakes. And the most common sizes are eight and nine inches; keep in mind that a 9-inch round cake pan can hold onto about 8 cups of the batter, while a 10-inch round cake pan can hold about 10 to 11 cups of batter. 

Also, some birthday cakes are 12 inches in diameter, making 25 to 40 servings. Remember that the size of your birthday cakes will depend on the number of guests attending on your birthday. 

In most cases, an 8-inch cake will serve about 8 to 12 guests, while a 9-inch cake will make about 12 to 18 servings. At the same time, a 10-inch cake will have 16 to 24 servings, and a 12-inch cake will make 20 to 30 servings.

Moreover, you can make a medium-sized birthday cake in 2 medium-sized 9-inch layer cakes; bear in mind that a giant birthday cake usually has three tiers with two significant 12-inch cake layers, two 9-inch medium layers, and two 6-inch small layers. Plus, a medium rectangle cake is usually two 1/4 sheet layers of cake. 

Furthermore, a sheet cake is a cake you can purchase at grocery stores. Remember, 1/4 sheet cake is about one-quarter of the size of an entire sheet cake with a dimension of 9×13 inches. In addition to that, it can come in single or multiple layers. Likewise, quarter sheet cakes are typically rectangular, making them a great choice too.

A cake serving chart is always helpful to have no matter what type or size of party you are planning. Whether you are baking the cake yourself or buying it from a bakery, you need to know how many servings you can get from different sizes of cakes. Remember, it is always best to prepare more servings than you need. 

If you are confused by the charts or are unsure of the final number of guests at your party, a bakery can help you plan appropriately. They can help you ensure you get the right size cake for your event.

party cake serving chart

Cake Serving Chart

The conventional size of a cake slice is about 2 inches x 4 inches x 1 inch or about 5 cm x 10 cm x 2.5 cm. But not all cake slices are the same; it all depends on what kind of cake you are baking. 

For instance, tall layer cakes have been famous at parties, making cutting and serving cakes challenging for some. Also, the height of your cake can influence many factors: the cake’s layers, size, and portion of the buttercream layer. 

That is why, if you have a 7-inch tall cake, you can cut it into thin slices about an inch wide and cut each piece in half horizontally, which means you can make two servings in each slice. 

Additionally, a 6-inch cake can create four generous servings or a sensible eight servings. At the same time, an 8-inch cake can make eight generous servings when you cut each slice about 3 inches across the back. 

Besides that, an 8-inch cake can make 14 sensible servings when cutting about 2 1/4 inches across the back. Also, 10-inch cakes can create 12 generous servings with about 2.5 inches across the back and serve 25 sensible portions, measuring about 1 1/4 inches across the back. 

Plus, a 12-inch cake can create 40 generous servings, with each slice measuring 1 inch across the back. Not only that but also a thin piece of a 12-inch cake is about 6 inches long and 4 to 5 inches tall. So, if you cut a 12-inch cake event style, it can make 56 sensible and about 30 generous servings.

Party Cake Serving Chart

It is vital to have the correct size of your cake to serve all your guests hosting a party. Remember, the cake serving size can vary based on the shape and the cut. 

In that regard, here is a chart that will serve as a guideline based on cake slices about 1 1/2 x 2 inches. Remember that cakes about 3 to 6 inches high would yield the same number of pieces if you followed the same slicing pattern. 

A party serving size cake is typically appropriate for birthday cake sizes. Party cake serving sizes are slightly bigger than the average wedding cake serving.

This is typical because weddings are often much larger than birthday parties. So, you would need to spend even more money on the cake at a wedding if you wanted to serve party serving sizes. 

Both sheet cakes and round cakes are popular choices for birthday parties. Typically, a 9-inch round cake will be big enough for a small party and a quarter-sheet cake will be ideal for medium to large parties. For large parties, some people will opt for a half-sheet cake. 

cake serving chart

4- Inch high cakes party cake serving size

The figures for 2-inch pans are based on a two-layer.

Cake Serving Size Chart For Round Pans 

Size Party Servings
6-inch 12
8-inch 20
9-inch 24
10-inch 28
12-inch 40
14-inch 63
16-inch 77

Cake Serving Size Chart For Square Pans

Size Party Servings
6-inch 12
8-inch 20
10-inch 30
12-inch 48
14-inch 63
18-inch 80
Size Party Servings
7×11-inch 24
9×13-inch 36
11×15-inch 54
12×18-inch 72

Cake Serving Size Chart For Sheet Pans 

3- Inch high cakes party serving size

The figures for 3-inch pans are based on a one-layer cake.

Cake Serving Size Chart For Round Pans

Size Party Servings
6-inch 12
8-inch 20
10-inch 28
12-inch 40
14-inch 63
16-inch 77

Wedding Cake Servings Chart

The serving size of a wedding cake is about 4 inches tall, 1 inch wide, and 2 inches in length. The serving slice of a wedding cake is smaller than the party cake serving. 

Moreover, party cake slices are 1.5 inches wide. However, the size difference is much smaller. Because of that, it is essential to be aware of all of that since it can affect the number of servings at wedding parties.

Remember, tiered cake servings have more variety and flexibility regarding the number of servings. Also, the different sized tiers vary in serving sizes.

Also, choosing the right size of the cake will depend on the number of servings you have to cater. In most cases, some people desire a specific number of tiers and cake design that needs extra space between each tier for decorations. 

For example, when someone wants to add flowers, you have to have at least a 3-inch variance in the sizes of each tier that will create about a 1.5-inch ledge between tiers to create room to add and secure the flowers in the wedding cake. 

When it comes to wedding cakes, many people will choose a tiered cake. Tier cakes are typically two to three tiers, though, for particularly large weddings, some people may choose a four or even five-tier cake.

Each cake in tiered cake typically has two to four layers, with a frosting or filling in between each layer. It is not uncommon for each cake to be a different flavor, to provide your guests with a variety of options.

Some people will opt for a half-sheet or a full-sheet cake for their wedding guests and have a small cake for the wedding party. Sheet cakes are typically more affordable than tiered wedding cakes and are generally easier to cut and serve. 

 Depending on the size of your wedding, a full-sheet cake will be the best option.  However, for a small wedding, a 1/2 sheet cake size may be large enough. Some people may even opt to do two or three half-sheet cakes to provide different flavors of cake for their guests to choose from. 

To figure out the size of tiers and serving sizes, you can look at the chart below as a guideline.

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Cake Serving Size Chart For Round Pans

Size (inches) Wedding Servings Tall Cake Servings
4 8 16
5 10 20
6 14 24
7 18 32
8 24 40
9 32 48
10 38 56
12 56 80
14 78 126
16 100 154

Cake Serving Size Chart For Square Pans

Size (inches) Wedding Servings Tall Cake Servings
4 12 16
6 18 24
8 32 40
10 50 60
12 72 96
14 98 126
16 128 160


 3-Layer Cake Serving Chart

Cake Pan Size (inches) Wedding Servings Party Cake Servings
4 8 8
5 10 10
6 14 12
7 18 16
8 24 20
9 32 24
10 38 32

Understanding a Cake Serving Size Chart for Party and Wedding Servings

Cake serving size charts can be helpful to have if you are planning a wedding or party. They allow you to know what size cake you will need depending on how many people you are hosting. 

It is important to remember that party serving sizes are larger than wedding cake serving sizes. For birthday parties, many people will choose round cakes or quarter sheet cakes. For weddings, most people will choose tiered cakes or full-sheet cakes. No matter the occasion, you want to ensure that you have enough cake for all of your guests. 


What Size Are Most Birthday Cakes?

Essentially the sizes of your birthday cakes will rely on the number of guests attending the birthday. And most of the time, people utilize a round pan for birthday cakes. So with that, the usual sizes are eight and nine inches. At the same time, there are a few birthday cakes 12-inch in diameter. 

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