Melt Frosting And Pour Over Cake

Do you wish to how to melt the frosting and pour it over the cake? In this recipe, the frosting can do just about that and more. Likewise, you can use this frosting for traditional coating for cakes.

Let’s get started!


01 1 can of storebought frosting

02 Assembled cake

03 Gel food coloring

Flour Bowl
Flour Bowl
Flour Bowl

Before anything else, place your cake in a wire rack over a baking sheet. Because of this, you can catch the leftover frosting and scoop it up, and re-use it if needed.


Afterward, open the can of frosting, pour all the frosting in the container into a mixing bowl. Then, heat in the microwave for thirty seconds. 


Next, add two drops of gel food coloring to the mixing bowl. Then, fold in the desired color. Because of this, mix thoroughly until fully incorporated.


Afterward, carefully pour frosting over the cake in a circular motion until the cake looks covered. For this reason, ensure to use only about 1/4 of the frosting.


Melt Frosting And Pour Over Cake