What To Do With Mushy Apples

Sometimes apples go bad before you get the chance to eat them. However, just because they may be mushy, doesn’t mean you should throw them out. Fortunately, this article will share what to do with mushy apples so they don’t go to waste.


It is a delicious and healthy snack people of all ages love. It is a wonderful use for mushy apples, as the texture of the applesauce will still turn out just fine.



It is great for spreading on bread, muffins, pancakes, or whatever you like. It is a concentrated form of applesauce that is cooked for a long period of time. This allows for the flavors to intensify and the texture to thicken.



It's a simple dish that you can get creative with. You can add a mix of your favorite spices or even some chopped nuts.



A classic apple dish, apple crips are a delectable treat that the whole family will enjoy. It is a great dish to use up your mushy or bruised apples, as it will taste amazing no matter what.


PUTTING THOSE SOFT APPLES TO USE If your apples become mushy, don’t waste them by throwing them in the garbage. Instead, use them to make a tasty dish that your whole family can enjoy. They can still taste great with the right recipe, whether that’s applesauce or apple crisp.

What To Do With Mushy Apples