The Best Fruitcake Ever With Candied Fruit

Fruit cake has been made for hundreds of years, as a way to keep the cake fresh for longer. Today we will work on a very easy but very delicious base and then we will work on a gorgeous topping to be able to serve it on any kind of table we want.

INGREDIENTS For the Fruitcake

01 200ml (14 tbs) of hot, strong black tea of any type

02 3 tbsp of whiskey (can be replaced by orange juice)

03 3 tbsp of thin or medium shred orange marmalade, the best you can get

04 2 ½ cups of mixed dried fruit

05 ½ a cup of mixed candied peel


In a large bowl, mix the marmalade together with the hot black tea and whiskey or orange juice until it had melted. 


Stir in all the candied fruit and peels and the dried fruit. Leave overnight to soak, covered by a tablecloth.


Grease an 8 inch, deep cake tin with a loose bottom or line it and preheat oven to 280°F.


Cream the butter and brown sugar until it is fluffy. If you use an electric mixer it will be easier.

The Best Fruitcake Ever With Candied Fruit