How To Use And Make Metallic Gold Candy Melts

Can I make metallic gold toppers using candy melts? Yes, and I know you’d be amazed by metallic gold candy melts (how to use or how to make). Candy melts typically contain palm kernel oil rather than cocoa butter, making them easier to melt than pure white chocolate; they are available in various colors.


Over low heat, place a saucepan with 1-inch water and place a bowl over the saucepan. But, make sure that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water below.


After that, pour the candy melts into the bowl and stir gently. Make sure not to raise the temperature of the heat because it may burn the candy melts. Melting the candy melts is a slow process. You will need patience.


When the candy melts completely dissolves; let it rest for a minute and pour it into the candy molds. Go to Step 4.

TIPS AND TRICKS FOR GOLD COLORED CHOCOLATE If you think your candy melt mixture is too thick, add a small pinch of paramount crystals and stir. Continue doing so until you can achieve your desired consistency. Paramount crystals are solid palm kernel oil flakes, which will thin out the thick candy melts mixture. In addition to that, it will allow the candy melts to harden properly.

How To Use And Make Metallic Gold Candy Melts