How To Thicken Frosting

Do you enjoy desserts spread with a lovely frosting? If you do, then you need to learn how to thicken the frosting effectively. Nobody likes runny frosting on their favorite cakes, and it is going to be a nightmare to find a batch of light frosting whether you are a professional baker or just a home baker.


01 250g buttercream frosting

02 ½ tsp cornstarch

03 1 tbsp powdered sugar

04 ½ cocoa powder

Flour Bowl

Make your usual buttercream and place it in a large mixing bowl.


Chill your buttercream for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. It should bring the temperature down. Making buttercream in a hot kitchen would cause it to melt, so I suggest to chill it in a refrigerator or chiller to lighten up the frosting.


Please take out your frosting from the refrigerator and use a mixer to beat it on high speed for 5 minutes.