How To Store Fondant Decorations

Are you looking for superb ways on how to store fondant decorations? Fondant decorations are an excellent way to cover cakes. Although, it can be challenging to work with, especially when decorating a cake.

After using fondant decorations, it is best to roll unused fondant into a ball. Then, coat it with solid vegetable shortening. Doing this avoids it from drying immediately. Afterward, wrap in plastic wrap tightly. 


Traditional Rolled Fondant: It can last for numerous months when stored in an airtight container at room temperature. • Chocolate Rolled Fondant: It is the perfect choice for covering cakes. Though it can be challenging to use when you are still a beginner, once you master it, you can easily mold and sculpt it into numerous textures, designs, and shapes.


Quick Poured Fondant: Use it as soon as possible. Though, you can reheat it again. Moreover, it is easy to flavor and color. • Cooked Poured Fondant: Typically, water and sugar cooked to the softball stage whipped till glossy produce poured fondant in traditional recipes.


TIPS AND TRICKS Rolled fondant is practical and useful because you can shape, twist, flavor, tint, imprint, model, and form it into many decorative pieces. When covering the cake with rolled fondant, you should cool it entirely for approximately a day.

How To Store Fondant Decorations