How To Put A Picture Onto A Cake

There are many ways to put a picture onto a cake; there are; hand painting, stenciling, airbrushing, and many more. However, the edible picture is the easiest and most convenient way. Usually, only a few people have access to a printer that uses edible ink. Not only that but also wafer paper or edible icing sheets are expensive unless you own a cake shop.


Before anything else, prepare the picture that you want to put onto the cake. First, print the picture on a piece of paper. Then, make sure to choose a clear, detailed, and well-highlighted picture.


Afterward, measure your picture on your cake. Make sure that the picture will fit on the cake. Do the same thing with your tracing paper.


After that, place the picture on top of a glass table. Preferably, it would be best if you have a light source below, then put the tracing paper on top. 


Next, with an edible marker with a fine tip, begin tracing the picture on the tracing paper.

TIPS AND TRICKS ON HOW TO PUT PHOTO ON CAKE   First of all, you can paint a picture on a wafer paper or an edible icing sheet using luster dust or petal dust. Keep in mind that you can ask cake shops and art craft shops to print the picture for you without time. Moreover, edible pens and markers are great for creating a picture onto the cake; you can directly draw fondant and sugar cookies. In addition to that, if you are great with free-hand drawing, then that’s a plus.

How To Put A Picture Onto A Cake