How To Make Whipped Cream Out Of Milk

It will make your baking experience memorable to know how to make whipped cream out of milk for your favorite dessert recipes.

Let’s get started!


01 60 grams cold full cream milk

02 10 grams of unflavored transparent gelatin

03 ¼ cup cold full cream milk

04 1 tsp vanilla extract

05 4 tbsp powdered sugar

Pour 1/4 cup of cold, full cream milk in a small bowl. 


Sprinkle 10 grams of unflavored gelatin into the milk and wait for 5-10 minutes for it to set and become slightly firm. 


Put the gelatin mixture in a microwave for at least 10 seconds or prepare a bain-marie and let it melt. Set aside to cool down. 


Once the mixture turns into a liquid, prepare a large mixing bowl and pour 60g of cold, full cream milk, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, then incorporate the gelatin mixture. Whisk until combined.


How To Make Whipped Cream Out Of Milk