How To Make Tiny Gelatin Bubbles

How to make tiny gelatin bubbles? Gelatin balls are just too gorgeous. It is a perfect topper for cakes and even cupcakes. Edible bubbles may seem to be so hard to make but trust me; it is just easy. In addition to that, the process can be time-consuming, but it is worth it.


Inflate or pump the balloons but do not inflate them fully. Then, make tiny balloons. After that, tie a knot at the balloon’s neck, try to form it into a sphere as possible.


Afterward, take the shortening and cover the tiny balloons in a thin layer using a brush. Wipe the excess shortening with a paper towel. If too much shortening is applied, the gelatin will not stick on the balloons. 


Also, this process will help you remove the balloons easier from the gelatin later. After that, set the balloons aside on a surface with no dust, fibers, or particles.


Then, prepare a microwave oven-safe bowl. Pour the cold water into the bowl and add the unflavored gelatin. It is important to note that the ratio should be 1 part gelatin to 2 parts water. Afterward, spread the gelatin in the water evenly; do not stir.

TIPS AND TRICKS ON HOW TO MAKE TINY GELATIN BUBBLES The gelatin bubbles will contract and shrink, which is completely normal. You may hear a crackling sound but rest easy. It just means that they are drying and becoming firm. This recipe needs to be done in advance as it may take a whole day or more; make them a couple of days ahead of the intended day.

How To Make Tiny Gelatin Bubbles