How Much To Charge For A Half Sheet Cake

Does Ganache Have To Be Refrigerated If you own a bakery or sell baked goods from home, you will want to know how much half sheet cake costs. Half sheet cakes are a popular choice for birthday parties, graduation parties, or any medium-sized gathering.

Decorations Flavor Combinations Experience Level Location Cost of Supplies and Ingredients Labor


DECORATIONS Decorations will play a big role in the price of your cake. A cake that is frosted with buttercream and only has simple decorations, such as writing and piping, will cost closer to $30-$40. FLAVOR COMBINATIONS For traditional flavor combinations like chocolate and vanilla, you won’t charge more than average.

EXPERIENCE LEVEL Experience level plays a big role in pricing. For home bakers just starting out, they will likely charge $30-45 per sheet cake. LOCATION Location will also play a role in how much you should charge. If you come from a big city, you will want to keep up with your competition.

COST OF SUPPLIES AND INGREDIENTS To make sure you are making a profit, you will need to find out the cost of your ingredients. Figure out how much the cost is for your ingredients and then how much it cost to make your cake based on that.

LABOR In addition, you also need to factor in your labor. It will likely take 2-3 hours, if not more, to bake and decorate your cake. However, if you are working with making fondant decorations, it will likely take you longer.

UNDERSTANDING HOW MUCH DOES A SHEET CAKE COST If you are a home baker, you will want to start off charging between $45-$65 on average for a sheet cake. You want to do your research based on how much your ingredients cost, your decorations, how long it takes to make, and your location. You want to be certain that you are going to make a profit from selling your cakes.

How Much To Charge For A Half Sheet Cake