How Many Pounds Of Cake Per Person?

When baking a cake, it can be hard to know what size to bake to make sure there is enough for everyone. If you are baking for a large event, you’ll likely want to know how many pounds of cake per person. This will help you figure out the right portions and size of cake to make.

If you are baking a cake for an event and you are asking yourself what size cake feeds 50, you want to make sure there is plenty of cake to go around. You want to make sure everyone gets a decent size piece of cake. So, to do this you must calculate before you get baking.

How Many Pounds Of Cake Per Person?

Even if a round cake and a square cake are both eight inches, doesn’t mean that they have the same amount of servings. A square cake will have more servings in it than a round cake.


Cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular to serve at large events like weddings. They are easy to serve, as you don’t have to worry about slicing a cake. In addition, you can also serve multiple flavors of cupcakes, which you can’t do with cake.


Bundt cakes are famous for their unique design. They are in the shape of a ring and often feature an intricate design on the outside. Most bundt cakes serve about 12-16 people.


FIGURING OUT HOW MANY SERVINGS IN A POUND CAKE On average, a serving of cake will weigh about 3.25- 4 ounces, up to a quarter-pound a person. However, cake slices will vary depending on the occasion. Cake slices at a wedding are typically smaller than normal, as they are about four inches in height, two inches in length, and one inch in width.

How Many Pounds Of Cake Per Person?