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Melt Frosting And Pour Over Cake
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Melt Frosting And Pour Over Cake

Do you wish to how to melt the frosting and pour it over the cake? In this recipe, the frosting can do just about that and more. Likewise, you can use this frosting for traditional coating for cakes. Not to mention that you can tint it with any color you prefer. Because of that, adding a bit of beautiful sheer glaze over a cake. So, work with warm and pour it over cake. For the most part, you can even remelt the leftover frosting and utilize it again.
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Melt Frosting And Pour Over Cake
Servings: 2 cups
Author: cakedecorist.com




  • Before anything else, place your cake in a wire rack over a baking sheet. Because of this, you can catch the leftover frosting and scoop it up, and re-use it if needed.
  • Afterward, open the can of frosting, pour all the frosting in the container into a mixing bowl. Then, heat in the microwave for thirty seconds. Because of that, be sure that the frosting liquifies enough so that you can pour it over the cake. After that, allow it to cool down for a minute. For this reason, make sure it is still in liquid form.
  • Next, add two drops of gel food coloring to the mixing bowl. Then, fold in the desired color. Because of this, mix thoroughly until fully incorporated.
  • Afterward, carefully pour frosting over the cake in a circular motion until the cake looks covered. For this reason, ensure to use only about 1/4 of the frosting. After that, allow it to settle for about 10 minutes.
  • Then, scoop out the excess icing from the baking sheet and add it to the remaining 1/4 on the bowl. After that, pop it back into the microwave for about 10 seconds. Allow to cool down for 1 minute and pour it over again on the cake as the second coating. If you prefer a thicker frosting, repeat the steps to add more layers to the cake.
  • When the cake is all settled, please remove it from the cooling rack. Then, add decorations or toppings to finish up, refrigerate, then serve and enjoy!


If you do not want to use canned or ready-made frosting, you can make one yourself. Likewise, if you are having difficulty removing the cake from the wire rack, insert your fingers into the hole. Then, lift the rack and slide a spatula under it. Moreover, before adding the melted frosting to pour it over your cake, you should always ensure to bring your cake to room temperature if you have stored the finished cake in the refrigerator.
When it comes to preparing the storebought frosting, start by opening up the top. Then, peel off the foil cover, if any. After that, please put it in the microwave without a lid. Afterward, warm it for ten seconds. Next, stir it and warm it for another ten seconds. And for one last time, repeat the process. Overall, you will spend thirty seconds. With that, the timing will vary accordingly on the microwave’s power because you want to achieve a smooth, melted, and pourable frosting. However, you do not want to make it extremely hot that it begins to bubble.
Besides that, after it reached the appropriate consistency. Likewise, it has melted through. It would help if you put a handful of gel food coloring drops and stir it again. Additionally, make sure to chill the cake. Then, please put it on a turntable. You want to ensure that you have prepared this when the frosting is ready. After that, pour it over the cake.
Moreover, the best thing about using gel food coloring is that you only need a small amount because it is concentrated. With that, it reduces the chance of messing up the flavor of the melted frosting.
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