Where To Buy Russian Piping Tips

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Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Do you want to find out where to buy Russian piping tips? If you do, then you better know what Russian piping tips are and how to use them. For starters, they have intricately designed cut-outs on one of the tip’s ends. In this regard, Russian tips have complete flower centers and petals in just one shot. Moreover, it has different designs. With that, every design will create a certain type of flower. On the contrary, the common pastry tips have holes such as the round, petal, and star tips.

Furthermore, Russian are large. In that regard, it is one, and a half inched big with the nozzle part at 3/4″. With that, it would be best to utilize a larger pastry bag. In addition to that, you should cut it bigger, especially where you insert the tip. Also, it would help to use disposable pastry bags when you make buttercream flowers. Furthermore, make sure to use twelve-inch disposable bags. Nevertheless, it is okay to use larger bags to refill less and put more buttercream.

Moreover, Russian piping nozzles have no numbers on them. That is why it would help to recognize them by their design on the nozzles. In addition to that, remember that several designs appear more similarly at first glance. So with that, it is best to look closely.

Where To Buy Russian Piping Tips

You can buy Russian piping tips in several online stores. Those stores include How Sweet is That, Flour Confections, and Global Sugar Art. Moreover, you can buy Russian piping tips online on Amazon and eBay. Because of that, they often come from overseas. Not only that but also it would take some time to obtain it.

Keep in mind that it is cheapest to buy it overseas. However, the main trade-off is that it can indeed take up to a month to receive it. In addition to that, you can usually buy it in sets. Furthermore, the number of tips in the sets can vary. With that, it can differ from six to twenty-nine. Nevertheless, it would help to purchase other sets and find out what the other nozzles can do.

Buying Russian Piping Tips

Russian Piping Tips

Essentially, the best approach is to pipe it like piping a drop flower. After that, make sure to place the tip at a 90-degree angle on the cake’s surface. Likewise, you can pipe it on cupcakes. Then, squeeze the bag till you build an excellent base. Afterward, pull the bag straight up. In that regard, ensuring you release the pressure simultaneously.

Also, remember that when you begin piping the buttercream, it typically sticks to the cake surface. Similarly, some of the petals that did not stick to the cake will indeed pull off. Bear in mind that a frosted surface will make the piped buttercream stick more. That is why it would be best to frost the cupcakes lightly. The main reason is that the flowers will add more buttercream.

Moreover, it is an excellent approach to start in the middle with either a single flower. Likewise, you can begin a cluster of three flowers. After that, make sure to pipe the rest of the flowers all around. As a result, you will observe which ones would have smaller flowers when you begin playing with the Russian tips. Similarly, with those, you would make a cluster of threes. Remember, you can have one in the middle with regards to bigger flowers.

How To Use Russian Piping Tips

First and foremost, select a Russian piping tip to utilize. Afterward, please place it in a piping bag. With that, make sure to snip off the Russian piping tip. Then, ensure to divide the buttercream into batches. Likewise, the tint with food coloring. After that, utilize a little knife or spatula. In this regard, make sure to apply a layer of buttercream to the inside of the piping bag.

Afterward, ensure to fill the bag with another color of buttercream. Do not forget to smear a thin layer of buttercream on the surface of the cake or onto a cupcake. As a result, it will enable the piped flowers to stick to the surface.

Then, ensure to pipe the flowers. With this, remember to pipe above the surface, squeeze, and the buttercream will come down. Doing this makes contact with the cake. Do this, especially when using a soft meringue-based buttercream. Simultaneously, resume squeezing when pulling up to build the flower. Lastly, finish by pulling up without the need to squeeze. In addition to that, make sure to pipe leaves to fill in the blank spaces between the flowers.

Piping Nozzles Guide

There are nine primary styles of piping nozzles or tips. Other than that, a variety comes in numerous sizes of a certain piping tip style. Because of that, it may be hard to know where to begin.

1. Round

Essentially, round nozzles are a must-have in the piping nozzle or tip collection. The main reason is that it covers plenty of various jobs with it. You can use big round nozzles to pipe swirls of buttercream on cakes and cupcakes. In comparison, medium sizes are excellent for doing borders on biscuits. And the smallest round nozzles can make intricate linework.

2. Petal

For the most part, you can make petals or build up flowers such as roses. Likewise, you can use these nozzles together with a flowers nail. Doing this makes royal icing blossoms decorate the finished designs.

3. Drop flower

It is the quickest way to pipe flowers with a simple squeeze of the piping bag. For that reason, the bigger the flower, the bigger the nozzle. Keep in mind that the nozzle’s opening determines if it will be fat or thin flower. Likewise, the number of openings at the tip is equivalent to the number of petals the flower will have.

Russian Piping Tips 27pcs Baking Supplies Set Cake Decorating Tips

4. Leaf

Essentially, it has a V-shaped opening. That is why when you squeeze the piping bag. And the icing comes out. It is best to move the nozzle along to make leaves. Also, you can indeed change how the leaves appear depending on how you utilize the nozzles. Taking that into account allows you to make ruffled or plain leaves.

5. Star

It is either close or open. With that, close star nozzles will provide you fleur-de-lys designs, grooved shells, and stars. On the other hand, open star nozzles are ideal for piping the standard cupcake swirls.

6. Ribbon

They are indeed the ideal nozzles for covering a cake in buttercream. In addition to that, you can pipe filly borders, scalloped edges, and bows. Bear in mind that the nozzle’s opening can appear like a curve, a keyhole, or a teardrop.

7. Multi opening

For the most part, you use this type of nozzle to pipe grass and hair. Bear in mind that this nozzle has numerous small holes. In addition to that, it has multi-star holes or openings. Because of this, it enables you to pipe a bunch of lines at a time.

Multi opening

8. Basketweave

It is particularly famous at easter for piping easter basket cakes. Also, you can serrate the opening on one side or both. Likewise, you can use this nozzle or tip to pipe ruffles.

9. Special

Keep in mind that these are particular nozzles that enable you to pipe one kind of design. For instance, you can make a snowflake. Because of this, these are exciting and fun to use. Also, it would help to use a firm form of buttercream when utilizing special nozzles.

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