What Can I Do With Leftover Brownies

What Can I Do With Leftover Brownies? 8 Fun & Easy Ideas

Last Updated on August 10, 2022

What can I do with leftover brownies? A question we are asked weekly! Fortunately, we have some amazing ideas that are all quite easy to make!

What Can I Do With Leftover Brownies?

With food becoming more and more expensive, a massive movement is taking place surrounding food wastage. People are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to use leftover ingredients, dishes, and baked goods.

Luckily, brownies are one of the most versatile ingredients to use when it comes to leftovers.

The real question is, how long will they stay good for so that you can use them?

If you’ve made fresh brownies, the leftovers will stay fresh for up to a week. But, only if they were stored in an airtight container. And remember, the older they are the staler they become.

However, you can extend their shelf life far beyond that by simply freezing the pieces. This way they will keep well for up to 6 months! Once thawed, you can either try to revive them or incorporate them into one of our below-mentioned recipe ideas.

8 Amazing Ideas – What Can I Do With Leftover Brownies?

Below are some of our amazing ideas that will help you answer “what can I do with leftover brownies?”


1. Cake pops

Cake pops are arguably the easiest go-to idea when searching for “what can I do with leftover brownies?” After all, these sweet treats have become so popular that people bake entire trays of fresh brownies just to make them.

For these, you will need to mix the leftover with some type of liquid. Simple heavy cream will work. But some people prefer to use a thin glaze or frosting. Either way, the process can become quite messy. But, it is worth it!

Once you eventually have a very hydrated wet mixture, you can start shaping the balls and put them on sticks.

What makes cake pops an amazing option is that you can coat them with a wide range of colored candy melts to create themed pops. And, the amount of garnishes is endless!

2. Crumble

Making crumble out of any old, stale, or leftover baked goods is a great way to give them a new purpose. And trust us, you would be amazed at how delicious brownie crumble is! While it won’t ever come to mind under normal circumstances, we can almost guarantee that it will be a new trick you’ll use.

Making brownie crumble is also very easy. You can just break up some larger pieces and place them in a low-heat oven or dehydrator. Once they are completely dry and crisp, you can crush them into the size pieces that you want.

Crumble will add a ton of texture and flavor as a topping or garnish for your desserts. And, it can even be used on drinks. This option will hide virtually any brownie flaw, which is why it is one of our most used tricks.

3. Brownie and butter pudding

If you’ve heard of bread and butter pudding, this is the same thing. The only difference is that you use stale brownies instead of stale bread. Other than that and you can make the recipe in exactly the same way.

This pudding has been around for ages as a way to prevent stale bread from simply being chucked. It hides the not-so-great texture and bland flavor.

And, you can even make a boozy version with some bourbon or whiskey added!

4. Truffles

We have already mentioned cake pops in this article on “what can I do with leftover brownies?” But, we haven’t yet covered a much more sophisticated option.

Truffles are elegant and can hide a ton of impurities. Essentially you’ll be making cake pops. But, the way you coat it with chocolate and garnishes is generally fancier.

So, don’t skip this one. It is the perfect date night treat or birthday gift for a loved one.

Can you save leftover brownie mix

5. Trifle

This is another classic dessert that is almost exclusively made when there is some stale leftover cake.

So again, using brownies instead of cake for this soaked dessert is a no-brainer! And, it will give you the opportunity to create more than just a plain vanilla trifle recipe!

And while you’re at it, why not try a makeshift tiramisu?

6. Brownie bites

There are a couple of ways you can make brownie bites. The idea is that you turn them into on-the-go snacks. Two ways we like to make them is by either drying out pieces in the oven or deep-frying them in an air-fryer.

You can also dry them and coat smaller pieces in chocolate. This way you can make rustic treats that don’t take a lot of effort, but that is still packed with flavor.

Here’s the best part, we used to sell a bunch of these bite-sized treats. And all of the brownie pieces literally came from offcut sides! Crazy, right?

7. Ice cream

There is a reason a ton of fast-food chain stores sell ice cream with brownies in them. And think about it, what happens to all their leftover “freshly baked” brownies? Well, they use it in ice cream of course!

The ice cream will add moisture to every bite. Ultimately, it hides the stale texture and bland flavor.

But, one tip when using this technique; don’t use ridiculously old brownies. Because you don’t actually change anything about the brownie, you aren’t hiding very unappealing characteristics. So, use semi-fresh ones.

8. Cheesecake cups

And finally, making a type of cheesecake crust with leftover brownie crumbs is an amazing way to utilize them. But, you’ll likely only make cheesecake cups because of the number of brownies you have.

You can always stock up on brownie offcuts in the freezer. Then, once you have enough, defrost them, dry them out, and turn them into a large cheesecake crust!

In Conclusion

We hope that a couple of our suggestions today got the ideas flowing a bit! And, if you know of anyone else wondering “what can I do with leftover brownies?” then make sure to send along this article!


Where do you put leftover brownies?

Leftover brownies can be stored in an airtight container. Depending on when you plan on using them, they can be stored at room temperature, in the fridge, or in the freezer. In the pantry, they will last a couple of days. In the fridge, for up to a week. And, in the freezer, for up to 6 months!

Can you save leftover brownie mix?

It is best to bake the brownie batter and store baked brownies. When storing brownie batter (or any type of batter) the properties will change. So much so that when you bake it again, the product will come out completely differently from what it is supposed to. With baked brownies, at least they still taste good and you can use them in other dishes.

Are brownies better the next day?

Brownies do tend to be better the next day. The reason is very simple; the flavors have been allowed to develop and the texture has improved. It is the same reason why any leftover dish is good the next day. But, the brownies have to be stored properly, otherwise, they may dry out.

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