What To Do With Leftover Whipped Cream 

It can be hard whipping the perfect amount of cream without leftovers. So, we have made a helpful guide on what to do with leftover whipped cream.


Ice cream might not be the easiest option you can make, but it is certainly one we recommend the most. Especially because you can make high-quality creamy ice cream without even churning it!



A milkshake is one of the easiest ways to use up any leftover whipped cream. You can use the whipped cream as is or melt it down to become cream again. But, if you don’t want to add it inside the milkshake mixture, you can always use it as a decorate topping.



A mousse is a fantastic option as it already requires whipped cream. This way, you essentially use leftover cream instead of whipping new ones.



This is an easy option to use if you don’t feel like making anything. Simply add some whipped cream to the top of your hot chocolate, or use it as a dairy base in which to heat the powder.


We are sure that you have found some new and interesting ways for what to do with leftover whipped cream. Find out more tips and tricks in the link below.

What To Do With Leftover Whipped Cream