Tips On How To Thicken Caramel Sauce

Is your caramel sauce too thin for your taste? Don’t lose hope and follow these step by step processes on how to thicken your caramel sauce. The quickest method to thicken a caramel sauce is by simmering it on the stove, so the sauce cooks down.


1. In a bowl, place your caramel sauce about 240ml, then add one teaspoon of cornstarch and 1/2 teaspoon of water. 2. Continue stirring the caramel sauce making sure that there aren’t clusters forming.



1. Place your caramel sauce in a bowl, add 1/4 cup of flour, and 60 ml of cold water. 2. Make sure to continuously stir the recipe to have a creamy and thick sauce.



1. Grab a bowl and place your caramel sauce; add the tapioca flour and whisk together until the powder is dissolved. Tapioca flour will keep the glossy texture of the caramel sauce while thickening it.


Caramel sauce can be frozen in an airtight container made of plastic that could last up to three months. Ensure to defrost the caramel sauce overnight in the refrigerator and gradually warm it before using it. Thawed caramel sauce can be used within two days. 

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