The Best Substitute For Sour Cream In Cake And How To Use Them

Sour cream is a very functional ingredient, but what is the best substitute for sour cream in cake specifically? And, how do you use it?


Crème Fraiche is possibly the closest substitute for sour cream in the cake. It has a similar fat percentage, a very similar consistency, and a slightly tart flavor.



Plain (unflavored) Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute for sour cream, and depending on the recipe, can be used as-is. It also has a tart flavor and a thick creamy consistency.



Buttermilk is a dairy product that is made in a very similar way to sour cream, so naturally, it will have very similar characteristics. 



Cottage cheese is a fresh cheese produced from whey. The whey is essentially curdled using an acidic ingredient. Then, the mixture is strained and the leftover product is cottage cheese.


While sour cream isn’t the main ingredient for lots of cake recipes, it does have a ton of extremely beneficial qualities it adds to the texture and flavor of the cake. We would highly recommend substituting ingredients like milk or water with sour cream. Find out more tips and tricks in the link below.

The Best Substitute For Sour Cream In Cake And How To Use Them