Substitution For Unsalted Butter For Baking

If you cannot tolerate dairy and find your fridge empty of unsalted butter? I believe it is best to have a substitution for unsalted butter. For a cup of unsalted butter, substitute 3/4 cup or 2tbsp of coconut oil or a vegetable shortening cup.


It is similar to unsalted butter. However, it has a softer texture than unsalted butter. Melted margarine works best in recipes that require melted butter. 



Vegetable shortening is most likely preferred as it preserves the consistency of the finished product when baking. So, substitute it with the unsalted butter measure for measure.



It is a great substitute for unsalted butter. However, it does not spread as much compared to unsalted butter. For instance, if you are making cookies, it does not become as thin as when you use unsalted butter. 



This substitution is easy to do. You can use regular salted butter and use less or no salt added to the recipe. To do this, substitute the unsalted butter required in the recipe with an equal quantity of salted butter. 


CONCLUSION Use different substitutions for unsalted butter because you want to have absolute control of your baked good’s taste. You can regulate the taste of the finished product since you can control the salt. So, it is ideal for taking a recipe and making it once with each of the substitutions and observe which is the best substitute for unsalted butter.

Substitution For Unsalted Butter For Baking