Pate Sucree Vs Pate Sablee

It is Pate Sucree vs Pate Sablee. Which one is better? Keep in mind that both are the most popular shortcrust pastry doughs. That is why it is best if you knew a thing or two about them. Also, doing so will help you decide which one to use in your recipes.


01 1 pc of egg (egg yolk)

02 1 tbsp of milk or cream

03 8 tbsp of room temp unsalted butter

04 1/2 tsp salt

05 1 1/4 cups of all-purpose flour

First and foremost, make sure to beat the powdered sugar and butter in the stand mixer’s bowl. 


With that, make sure to do it till it is creamy. Keep in mind that it must combine effortlessly with powdered sugar.


Next, beat in the egg yolk. And make sure to keep mixing till the egg yolk combines well.


Afterward, beat in the flour and salt. With that, ensure that the mixer is at a low speed.