Is Buttermilk Lactose Free?

Buttermilk is an amazing ingredient that has a multitude of functions! But, is buttermilk lactose-free? And, what are the best substitutes?

Traditionally, buttermilk was created as a by-product of butter churning. Once the butter has been churned, the leftover whey was left inside the churner at room temperature to promote the development and growth of naturally occurring bacterial cultures. This helped create a very unique tangy flavor and a product that lasts longer than milk.


Store-bought buttermilk will always be creamier, thicker, more acidic, and tangier than handmade (or traditional) buttermilk is. This is definitely because of the precise bacterial cultures used and because most of these products contain stabilizers, flavor enhancers, and other preservatives and additives.


While the fermentation does create less lactose, it doesn’t take it away completely. People that are sensitive to lactose might be able to handle that inside buttermilk. But, if you are extremely sensitive or outright allergic, still stay away from this dairy product.


We highly recommend experimenting with alternatives (especially lactose-free ones) to find what works best for you. Find out more the best substitutions for buttermilk by clicking the link below!

Is Buttermilk Lactose Free?