How To Use Candy Melts And Molds

How to use candy melts and molds? It is indeed necessary that you learn how to use candy molds to create edible cake decorations. Likewise, homemade candies and toppers for cupcakes.


01 Chocolate molds of your choice

02 Melted candy melts

03 Squeeze bottle or piping bags

04 Wax paper

Place your candy melts inside the plastic squeeze bottle. Then, the heat inside the microwave at 15-second increments. 


Do it until the candy melts completely melt. Afterward, shake your squeeze bottle a bit. Doing this ensures that there are no lumps.


Next, squeeze your melted candy melts into each mold cavity. 


Then, stop squeezing your plastic bottle when the mold cavity is about 3/4 full. Bear in mind, refrain from filling into the corners.


How To Use Candy Melts And Molds