How To Swirl Two Colors Of Icing

Want to make your cupcakes more colorful? Looking to use two colors when decorating your baked goods? Knowing how to swirl two colors of icing will spruce up all your desserts.


Divide your buttercream evenly into two separate bowls. Add your food coloring of choice to each bowl and mix until fully incorporated.

Prepare Your Frosting


Add one color of frosting to one 12-inch piping bag and the other color of frosting to the other 12-inch piping bag. Cut large holes in each bag at the bottom, closet to the same size as possible.

Add the Frosting to Piping Bags


Carefully slide both 12-inch piping bags into the large 16-inch piping bag with the large piping tip. Line the bags up side to side, trying to get them as even as possible. Test out the frosting on a plate before frosting your baked goods to make sure you get a good swirl.

Add the Piping Bags to the Larger Piping Bag

TIPS AND TRICKS If you are having a hard time filling the piping bags, place them into a drinking glass and fold the sides over the top. This will make it much easier to fill and save you time and hassle.

How To Swirl Two Colors Of Icing