How to Measure a Cup Without a Measuring Cup

Properly measuring your ingredients when baking is vital for the best results. Knowing how to measure a cup without a measuring cup can be handy when you are baking. Whether you don’t have measuring cups on hand or want a more accurate way to measure, there are alternatives to traditional measuring cups.


Kitchen scales are a great way to measure out your ingredients. In fact, measuring your dry ingredients with a kitchen scale allows you to do so more accurately. 



A traditional mason jar has holds sixteen ounces in it. When measuring out liquids, such as water, milk, oil, and buttermilk, you can easily use ounces instead of cups to measure.



If you don’t have measuring cups, but do have measuring spoons, you can use those to measure out one cup. Though it can be a bit tedious, it will still get the job done.



If you have a four-ounce juice, you can use it to measure out your liquid ingredients. Fill it up twice to equal one cup. Though it is more ideal for measuring liquid ingredients, you can also use it to measure dry ingredients if need be.


It is important to make sure that you properly measure out all your ingredients when baking. If you don’t have measuring cups on hand, you can use a mason jar, juice glass, kitchen scale, or measuring spoons. Find out more tips in the link below.

How to Measure a Cup Without a Measuring Cup