How To Make Grey Food Coloring

Running out of grey coloring is the worst! But fear not, because this is the ultimate tutorial on how to make brilliant grey food coloring.

Let’s get started!


01 black gel food coloring

02 white gel food coloring

Mix the colors


To start is fairly easy; add some white gel food coloring into a small glass mixing bowl. Slowly add a few drops at a time to the white base and between each addition, mix the colors together using a toothpick or skewer.

Test the color


Between every addition and mixing of colors, or even if you think you are close to getting the right color, you can test it on a piece of paper towel. To do this, simply take the toothpick with some color on it and softly paint it on the sheet of white kitchen towel.

Use or store the coloring


Once you have achieved the desired shade of grey, you can either use it immediately, or you can store it for future use. To use it, slowly add a few drops of your homemade grey food coloring to the item you want to color.

How To Make Grey Food Coloring