How To Make Gold Colored Icing

How to make gold-colored icing? When decorating desserts like cakes, cookies, and other treats, gold-colored icing is ideal. In that regard, there are several tips and tricks to help you achieve that perfect gold color.


Before anything else, prepare two cups of white buttercream frosting.  Then, take a cup of white frosting and set it aside. Remember, you will use the extra white frosting for the color corrections later if needed.


Afterward, place the other cup of white frosting into a medium-sized, white mixing bowl. Then, add six yellow gel food coloring drops. Don’t forget to add a drop of an orange gel food coloring. 


Next, mix thoroughly to ensure that all the white frosting combines well to avoid having patches of white. 


Finally, if you want a deep gold color, add another drop of orange and another two drops of yellow. However, if you feel it’s too dark, add a tablespoon of the set-aside white frosting. Make sure to do it till you are okay with the color.

Consider piping, drizzling, and covering gold-colored icing into your cake, cupcake, or cookie. With that, it would be best if you waited for your buttercream icing to harden for about an hour. Then, allow your royal icing to harden for about eight hours. 

How To Make Gold Colored Icing